Important Details Regarding Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

Good morning! Just wanted to post a few more details for the Chick-fil-A Bowl.  If you are attending the bowl, please read this email completely a few times to digest this information.

Since we will not wear our shakos for the performance and not have great access to the bus after the parade, WE WILL NOT WEAR SHAKOS or PLUMES in  the parade.  Students are permitted to wear a school colored beanie (black/gold) during the parade and pre-game performance if they’d like.  Collegiate colors will not be permitted, we must represent CHS.


  • We will NOT need all of the regular chaperones for our travels on Sunday or Monday because we are only traveling on 4 buses.  Ms. Walker has contacted the chaperones today.  If you are needed for Sunday, then you should have already been contacted.  The same goes for Monday.  I appreciate everyone’s help in making this successful for our students!

If you paid to attend the Chick-fil-A bowl game please note the following:

  • If you would like to drive your personal vehicle to the parade and game, you are welcome to do so.  You will be responsible for your own parking, but there are many facilities around the Mercedes Benz Stadium that would be convenient for you.  This will allow you to not have to spend your full morning downtown and provide you with a little more freedom with leaving the game.
  • If you are a parent riding the bus, you MUST follow our itinerary.  Please be early!  If a parent is running late and is holding up the students, then they may miss the bus.  I do not want this to happen to anyone, but we are traveling to this event for our students to participate in the bowl game festivities and our students itinerary does not have any wiggle room.  We must following our itinerary closely.
  • Any parents riding the bus to the parade will remain on the bus after we drop the students off for the parade staging. You will ride the bus to the where our buses will be parked, which is closer to the end of the parade route.  Use the map below to find your way to the end of the parade route. You will be able to see the new stadium from where our buses are parked.
  • WHERE TO MEET FOR TICKETS: ALL adults attending the game MUST meet Mr. Carr and the band at the end of the parade.
  • All tickets for admission will be distributed at the end of the parade, which includes your admission to Fanfest.
  • We will all enter the Fanfest area (the Big C on the map above) after the parade.  Students will bring their instruments with them to Fanfest and we will have a designated area to store our equipment temporarily.  Since this room will be shared with other bands, I will need parents to rotate shifts in this room to keep and eye on our equipment.
  • HOW TO ENTER THE GAME: About 10:50AM we will exit Fanfest to enter the game.
    • Parents will exit one way and students another but must stay with their respective groups.
    • Parents will exit Fanfest (big blue C on the map above) onto Northside Dr.  The Benz is just up the street to the left. Enter the stadium through Gate 1. Gate 1 is the first Gate that you will encounter and the ONLY gate that your credential will allow you to enter the dome.  You should arrive around 11:00AM – 11:15AM.  Tonight they mentioned that kick-off has been moved up to 12:40PM, which means that pre-game has also been moved up.
    • Students will follow Mr. Carr to the loading area of the Benz since we must enter on the field level to prepare for our performance.
  • SCALPING YOUR TICKET will result in arrest.  If you are unable to use your ticket, I am sorry, but you cannot resell it.  We have special credentials that will only be honored at this particular gate during a specific time.
  • Be aware that the Mercedes Benz Stadium has a CLEAR BAG POLICY – which is listed below. Students will not be permitted to bring a bag since we will be entering straight to their performance and not have a chance to visit the buses between dropping off for the parade and the game.
  • Thank you for agreeing to attend this awesome event with our children.  We may need your help loading/unloading instruments, supervising students in the stands.  Please be prepared to assist with loading instruments, escorting kids, etc.

Weather Note:

  • It will be COLD!  The massed band rehearsal tomorrow will be outside the entire time.  Dress in layers so that you will be warm.  Also, the parade morning will be very cold – color guard students need to wear extra layers of appropriate undergarments to stay warm.  Additionally, they will need a coat to keep warm before we step off.  A wagon with their jackets will be pulled so that they are able to perform in their uniforms, and so that they have quick access to the jackets when we are finished with the parade.  Parents and students – take note: It will be cold – we do not want you to be miserable dress warmly.


  • We leave very early Sunday for the mass band rehearsal and don’t have a lunch break until after 2 pm. Please pack a snack for the bus if you think you will need it. We will have granola bars and pop tarts at the band room that morning, but please also eat a sensible breakfast before arriving.
  • After the rehearsal we will attend the Varsity for lunch.  Bring at least $10 for lunch.
  • The day of the game eat breakfast before reporting for the parade.  We will be in Fanfest before lunch time and students will have the option of purchasing food inside Fanfest and again once inside the Mercedes Benz Stadium.  Sources have told me that food prices are reasonable (not your typical arena prices) in the new stadium.  I would still recommend just to be safe to have about $20 for lunch and a snack while at Fanfest and the game.

If you have any questions, please make sure to contact Mr. Carr at:

CHS Band Staff & Band Boosters