Band Auditions

Please submit your audition via video. Your recording should include:
1) 2 mins for scale test (3pts per scale)
2) chromatic scale (20pts plus bonus options)
3) etude (50 pts)

You may record your video as many times as you’d like, but it all must be submitted as one video and each segment of the video must be recorded in1 take. (You can’t splice a bunch of videos to cram more scales into the 2 minute window, but you can record yourself playing your scales multiple times and choose your favorite). Once you have your favorite video of each portion of your audition then you can combine the videos into 1 file and then submit it. In the event that we have any ties we will watch the 2 videos in question multiple times to decide placement.

Submit your video within the following Google Classrooms. Please remain a member of these classrooms as we may use them for the fall during marching season for better communication:

Flute: uso4536

Double Reeds: c7nztte

Clarinet: juk4dkj

Alto Saxophone: 5w5abjt

Low Reed: oqcafp7

Color Guard: hkr2jp3

Trumpet: erql6bl

Mellophone: kl4j4e7

Trombone: egbzhvd

Baritone: eglg5ij

Sousaphone: zjq6ujr

Percussion: y7uqefe

Below, more detailed information about what to include in your video:

2 mins scales test:

Please perform as many major/minor scales as you can in 2 minutes. The scales do not have to be memorized. Students will receive a maximum of 3 points per octave that is performed correctly (1 point ascending, 1 point descending, and 1 point for the arpeggio.) Mistakes may be corrected but you only have 2 minutes to complete their scales. If time runs out in the middle of a scale, you may finish that scale for full credit but will be finished at the end of that scale. Articulation and rhythm does not matter for scales, but note accuracy is imperative. Keep in mind: your scale score is not limited by anything except time. You can really earn a lot of points in this category if you practice diligently. It is rare, but not unheard of for students to perform 12 major and 12 minor scales, 2 octaves in a 2 minute period. Are you up for the challenge?

Chromatic Scale:

Students are encouraged to demonstrate their full range by performing their chromatic scale. The chromatic scale does not have to be memorized. GMEA has requirements for recommended ranges for students who are auditioning for district honor band. Their recommendation is a great starting goal. The scale should be performed in an even rhythm both ascending and descending. Points for the chromatic scale will be awarded as follows:

Perform the Junior High School required ranges for a total of 20 points
Flute Low C to High F
Oboe Low C to High C
Bassoon Low Bb to High F
Soprano Clarinet Low E to High D above High C
Bb Low Clarinet Low E to High A Bb
Eb Contra Alto Clarinet Low E to High A
Alto Sax Low C to High D
Baritone Sax Low C to High D
Tenor Sax Low C to High D
Trumpet Low F# to High G
French Horn Low F to High F
Trombone Low E to High F
Baritone (BC) Low E to High F
Baritone (TC) Low F# to High G
Tuba Low E to High F

For each additional note added to the range students may earn an additional point for their Chromatic Scale.
Bonus points: There is no specified tempo, but the evaluator has the discretion to award up to 10 bonus points for performing the scale with quality tone in all registers, speed, and exceptional evenness of the performance.


Download and print off your etude by following the appropriate link below:

The etude will be graded based on all of the elements of music: tone, pitch, tempo, rhythm, technique, articulations, dynamics, musicality, expression, style, etc. A compelling performance of the etude can earn you 50 points. Be sure to pay attention to the time signature, tempo marking, and key signature.


Unfortunately, this format does not allow us to test sight-reading at this time. I feel confident that we can get the band class placement correct with the video submission and can have a sight-reading chair test once the semester starts if needed. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding during these challenging times.

Percussion ONLY

Above is the etude you will use for your audition. Also prepare a long roll (buzzed), flam accent, and paradiddle, all played in slow-fast-slow form. Scales will not be assessed at this time due to present conditions.

Mr. Nelson has uploaded a video play-along of the etude that you can access from the Google Classroom listed above.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email Mr. Nelson at

Please use this video as an opportunity to show how much you have grown this semester. You can do it!

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