Band Boosters

2017-2018 CHS Band Booster Officers

Meredith Harris, President
Emily & David Leak, Vice Presidents
Eric Pittman, Treasurer of Operations
Tracy Wiggins, Financial Secretary

Who We Are:

Carrollton Trojan Band Booster Club membership is open to all parents/guardians of current and former CHS Band, Color Guard & Winter Guard students and alumni. Annual Band Booster dues are $35.00 per family and are due by August 1st each year. Membership runs from July 1st – June 30th.

What We Do:

  • Support the band collectively and each student individually
  • Support the director, the assistant directors and other band staff
  • Support the color guard and build props
  • Provide assistance during performances
  • Help students with their uniforms
  • Prepare special effects
  • Serve as chaperones as needed
  • Raise funds through the all-in-one fruit & meat sale and spring barbecue
    • Strong participation in these fundraisers allows us to avoid booster dues and helps keep band fees low

To contact the CHS Band Boosters, please email:

Pay Carrollton Trojan Band Booster Membership Dues

Carrollton Trojan Band Boosters By Laws

Carrollton Trojan Band Booster Club Approved Budget ~ Please log in to CHARMS to view our current year’s budget.

Previous Presidents:

Michael Post (2016-2017)
Joe & Allison Driver (2014-2016)
Jeff & Nicole Jones (2012-2014)
Ben & Pam Gordon (2010-2012)