Band Boosters

2022-2023 CHS Band Booster Officers
Robert & Cheryl Moore, Presidents
Matt & Michelle Pethel, Vice Presidents
Candie Hicks, Treasurer of Operations
Gabby Rubio, Financial Secretary

Who We Are:

Carrollton Trojan Band Booster Club membership is open to all parents/guardians of current and former CHS Band, Color Guard & Winter Guard students, and alumni.

What We Do:

  • Support the band collectively and each student individually
  • Support the director, the assistant directors, and other band staff
  • Support the color guard and build props
  • Provide assistance during performances
  • Help students with their uniforms
  • Prepare special effects
  • Serve as chaperones as needed
  • Raise funds through the all-in-one fruit & meat sale and spring barbecue
    • Strong participation in these fundraisers allows us to avoid booster dues and helps keep band fees low

To contact the CHS Band Boosters, please email:

Carrollton Trojan Band Boosters By Laws

Carrollton Trojan Band Booster Club Approved Budget ~ Please log in to CHARMS to view our current year’s budget.

Previous Presidents:

Joshua & Dawn Jack (2020-2021)
Ed & Jennie Redmond (2019-2020)
Meredith Harris (2017-2019)
Michael Post (2016-2017)
Joe & Allison Driver (2014-2016)
Jeff & Nicole Jones (2012-2014)
Ben & Pam Gordon (2010-2012)

We know that we have many more previous presidents who should be recognized, but our historical knowledge has gaps. If you can help us add previous presidents, please email Mr. Carr at We are thankful for your leadership and vision and would like to formally recognize you here. Thank you for your help!