New Band Uniforms!?



With plans continuing for what should be a memorable 2015-2016 band year, the Carrollton Trojan Marching Band staff and boosters are excited to announce that the uniforms featured in the image within this post are NOT our new uniforms. In fact, we don’t even need new uniforms right now, what we need are volunteers to help us take care of the great uniforms we have… we need some Trojan Lady B.U.G.s (Band Uniform Guardians)!

If we are good stewards of our current uniforms they will last as long as we need them to, which helps us keep costs down and use funds for other, more imperative needs. So with that said we still need several volunteers to commit to protecting, caring for and working with the band uniforms for the 2015-2016 school year. Duties would include but are not limited to: assisting with initial fitting and distributions, minor repairs, emergency spot cleaning/repairs, preparing for scheduled cleanings, pre-performance uniform checks, being present at both home & away performances, including competitions to ensure the band looks its best. If we can get enough volunteers to sign-up there can be a rotation so that no one person is expected to be at every performance.

So please consider signing up for this often overlooked but very rewarding volunteer opportunity. You can sign-up below. (If you are viewing by email, please visit this post on our website to see the sign-up area)

Sign-up for Trojan Lady B.U.G.s (Band Uniform Guardians)