How do you define success?


Saturday marked the end of our competitive marching season and the culmination of the creative effort of our band program this fall.  What a tremendous victory for all of the members of our team: Students, Parents, and Staff!  Traveling to a highly competitive arena and not only holding our own but setting standards in drum major, color guard, and percussion is a great accomplishment.  I am very proud to work with a program that is all in for our students and their goals.

Our students have given a true effort all season long and honing their standards and talents daily.  The legacy left by our passionate seniors continues to be an inspiration, paving the way for our future.  It is exciting to see all of our students working together to improve both individual and group goals then watching them celebrate for each other! The feeling that they celebrated on Saturday coming off the field and rallying together will be cherished forever.

Our parents continue to impress me by continually providing support through time, effort, and finance to allow our students to reach their goals.  Thank you to everyone who volunteers as chaperones, hauling equipment, pulling the flag, organizing events, arrives early to prepare for the students, stays late to help make sure all students are picked up, helps tidy our facility, builds props (and continues to troubleshoot them until all hours of the night), transports equipment and people, maintains our vehicles, feeds our students, balances our checkbook, maintains uniforms, and just loves on our kids.  I am sure there are countless other items that you are providing for our children and I just want to express sincere gratitude to the continued efforts – we are successful because of you – Thank you!

Our staff is very talented and passionate.  We are very fortunate to have staff members who provide their absolute best for the students everyday.  Our staff designed a tremendous show with custom drill, music, light effects, and choreography.  Mr. Huls, Mr. Robichaux, Ms. Menendez, Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Lyman, Mr. Lingrell, and Ms. Reed, thank you for your extraordinary efforts for our program.  We couldn’t have done this without you!

This has been an extremely successful year thanks to all of you!  Very excited to continue supporting our Trojan Football team on Friday nights and celebrating our seniors final year as they continue to shape our program for our future.

This week we will not have marching band rehearsal on Monday or Tuesday.  Our Wind Ensemble will use our scheduled rehearsal time on Tuesday to prepare for the upcoming concert.  The other concert bands will use scheduled rehearsal times next week to prepare for the upcoming November 8th concert. Below is a quick glance of this week!

  • Tuesday: Wind Ensemble 3:45-6:15
  • Thursday: Full Marching Band 3:45-5:30
  • Friday: NYC Trip Payment Due & Varsity Football Game

Friday’s Full Itinerary

  • Away vs. Paulding County 
  • 4:15PM Load
  • 4:30PM Dinner (provided by boosters)
  • 5:15PM Report in Full Uniform
  • 5:30PM Depart for PCHS
  • Approx. 11:00PM Return back to CHS*
    *(approx. times; watch Facebook, Twitter & text messages for updates)


Students should were band shorts, show shirt, black socks, marching shoes and assigned uniform.  Hair needs to be pulled up off the collar, no jewelry while in uniform.  Make-up needs to look natural. Volunteers should wear black booster shirts and black pants or shorts.


To volunteer your time and talents, please sign-up now or visit our Volunteer page.

Spring 2017 New York Trip Monthly Payment Due

October 28, 2016
  • Payment & Account Expectations: With the boosters having to commit funds towards non-refundable tickets now, all accounts are expected to be caught-up or within two payments of being current by October 31 2016. Any account with a balance of $600 or greater after 10/31/16 will be notified that they are at risk of being dropped from the trip and refunded any payments, less the non-refundable deposits.
  • Registering with Travel Agency: All current trip participants need to follow the instructions found at the end of the following presentation (Travel Agent Presentation-Updated Trip Itinerary-10-11-16) to provide their personal information for their travel documents, as well as notify them of any special needs like allergies, etc. *** Note, any issues you have with the registration process should be directed our travel agent: Mark Drury, Super Holiday Tours, (d) 321-319-1153, (c) (678) 520-1766,
  • Rooming Assignments and Departure Preferences: Mr. Carr will begin the process of assigning rooms and taking departure preferences in the next couple of weeks.

As always, if you have any questions, please make sure to contact Mr. Carr at:, the Band Office at 770-834-0550, or the Band Boosters at:

CHS Band Staff & Band Boosters