Concert Attire Fitting Information

bow-tieOur Marching season is in full swing with Friday night football games and our fast approaching competition season. Believe it or not though we need to start preparing for the upcoming concert season, which will kick off with a Veteran’s Day concert on Nov. 8th.

On Tuesday, October 4th from 6:30 pm- 8:00pm we will be fitting students for concert attire. Once again this year the Squire Shop will be fitting the guys for tuxedo attire and the band uniform moms will fit the girls for concert dresses.

New students will need to secure the concert attire and returning students should check to be sure the concert wear they have still fits properly. All students are required to have Concert Band attire before our first concert.

If your student has gently used concert attire items like tuxedo coats, pants and dress shirts, or dresses and shoes that they will no longer be using please consider donating them to the band department or selling them directly to another band student. For those wishing to donate items please bring them to Mrs. Dothard in the band room before September 30th. If you would like to sell your items to another student plan to bring them to the band room on October 4th during the concert fitting time. We will have a table set up for those wishing to try to sell their items.*

Students who order new items on concert fitting night will be charged for their items. Last years prices were $150 for guys and $100 for girls (these prices could be more this year, Mrs. Dothard will know the exact amount by Tuesday, Oct 4th.) Students who buy used items from another band student will need to make arraignments to pay the seller directly.*

If you have any questions, contact the band room at: 770-834-0550 or email Mrs. Dothard at:

*Disclaimers: The CHS Band, CHS Band Boosters or Carrollton High School does not guarantee, endorse, or warrant any of the items or transactions that take place between individuals selling/buying used concert attire. All deals, pricing, transactions, agreements, and claims are between the individuals who choose to participate in the event. All transactions will be conducted person to person via cash, check, or trade, without the involvement of the CHS Band, CHS Band Boosters or Carrollton High School. Those participating in transactions are doing so at their own discretion and risk.