Introducing The Legacy Sword Trophy

_SB_8459(1)With our inaugural running of the Legacy of Champions now just days away, we wanted to take a moment to introduce our Grand Championship trophy, the Legacy Sword Trophy.

This amazing, massive bronze trophy was designed and created by University of West Georgia alumnus, Daniel McMillan, exclusively for the Carrollton High School Band Boosters and the Legacy of Champions Marching Band Competition. It features his rendition of the legendary Sword of Troy and a traditional Greek shield that represents the honor and valor that are displayed every time one of our Trojan teams takes the field in competition.

This one-of-a-kind traveling trophy will be presented annually to the best overall judged band at our competition to be displayed proudly in their band room until the following summer when it will be reclaimed by the Trojan Nation and placed back in the arena to await its next victor. The name of the previous year’s winner will be added to an engraved plaque on the trophy’s base annually as a testimony of each Grand Champion’s accomplishment. Each defending Grand Champion will then be presented an equally symbolic and impressive commemorative “Defending Grand Champion Shield” to keep and inspire their students as they hopefully return to the Legacy of Champions to defend their title and try to reclaim the Legacy Sword!

_SB_8464(1)When we started this competition we wanted it to be something special, representing the excellence of our school system and the passion we have for music and our marching band. The Legacy Sword is the culmination and embodiment of those qualities and we hope it will become one of the most coveted marching band trophies in the state.

We extend a hearty invitation to everyone to join us this Saturday, October 10, 2015 at Historic Grisham Stadium, from 3pm until 10pm. Not only will you be treated to a day of great music, concessions, and vendors, but you will also be afforded the opportunity to witness the beginning of the legacy as we present the Legacy Sword to our very first Grand Champion!

Thank you to our Legacy Sword Trophy co-sponsors; Southwire and Louis E. Kuntz, CPA., PC

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