I was the hero that day!

HerosMany years ago when my daughter, Lainey, was almost three, she was riding the Kiddie go-carts in Florida for the first time. Not long after the start she was bumped and spun out and turned sideways on the track. I could see that she was crying from where I stood.  I ran through the gate, racing towards her on the track and picked my daughter up carrying her back safely out of harm’s way! It would have been no more dramatic had I rescued her from a burning building! :-). She vividly remembers that day and still calls me her “hero”!  YOU CAN BE YOUR CHILD’S HERO TOO!

Be the “hero” for your your child in BAND!  There are so many “heroic” opportunities that band provides to show your child that you will ALWAYS be there for them!  They may act like it’s not a big deal if you are involved or not, but it SO IS!  Are you ready to be a HERO to your child?  SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER TODAY :-).

Here is your first opportunity!

The Band Boosters will be providing potluck-style meals, lunch & dinner, for the band staff during the second week of our band camp, July 27th – July 31st. This hospitality project will provide great benefit by relieving costs associated with eating out or having meals brought in, allowing the staff to stay on campus, thus avoiding potential schedule delays, and by giving them an opportunity to enjoy home cooked/prepared meals while they are investing their time and energy on behalf of our students.

We have created a simple signup form that allows you to selects day(s), meal(s), item(s), and duties. If everyone will step up and claim a couple of items, we can knock this project out of the park and show the staff how much we appreciate them. So, will you take this opportunity to be the “Hero”?

View details and sign up now! www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C054AADAF2AABFD0-20152
*Please note, you do not have to have a SigUpGenius.com account to participate, but you will have to provide your name, email and phone number so that we can get in touch with you if needed. Also, please note that Dinner on July 31st is already taken care of by Trojan Family Night.

Remember, Carrollton Trojan Band Booster Club membership is open to all alumni, and parents/guardians of current and former CHS Band, Color Guard & Winter Guard students. Annual Band Booster dues are $35.00 per family and are due by August 1st each year (visit here for more details).

“Heroically” yours, 🙂

Joe Driver
CHS Band Booster President