Thankyou and Special Request

Good evening. I wanted to re-share our Junior High blog post from this evening for 2 reasons. First off I wanted to share with all of you how proud of our JRHS/MS students that I am. Mr. Huls and Ms. Menendez have done a terrific job with them and I look forward to our 8th Graders joining us soon. Secondly, I noticed the special request from Mr. Huls about providing aid for one of our students who has just lost everything in a home fire. We will be accepting donations at the high school as well to help out this family. Please visit Mr. Huls’s post for more information.


Thank you again to all our awesome students and parents. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed tonight’s performance.

We would like to reach out to the band family and ask for a special request. Over the weekend one of our eighth grade band members lost her home to a house fire. From what we know everyone is okay, but the house is a total loss.

If you are willing to bring in a donation of cash $5, 10 or $20 we are planning on collecting it and putting together a special card signed by the band, and visa gift card to help with any expenses during this troubling time.

Every little bit can help. We will collect cash donations until Thursday, and plan to deliver the cards Friday.

Thanks again everyone.

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