Graduation Procedures and Leadership Team Announced

This coming Friday is graduation! It is hard to believe that this year is already coming to a close.  It has been a very productive year full of great memories and I am sad to see it close, but excited for the future!

Just a quick reminder that performing for graduation is part of our duties of participating in band and serves as our final exam.  All students should stage their instruments upstairs in the band room Wednesday after class.  We will not have access to the band room on Thursday or Friday until after graduation.  Report time is 6:00PM and we will be wearing our concert attire in an effort to blend in with the black graduation gowns, which will allow the attention to be on our seniors that evening and not the band.  I am excited however that our band will be seated closer and serve as part of the ceremony, which will add to the pageantry of the ceremony for our seniors and our community.  Pizza will be served at 6:00PM for our performers.  Graduation starts at 8:00PM and should be finished around 9:30PM.

Choosing leadership is always one of the most difficult tasks each year.  I am very proud to say that our band is blessed with many capable leaders.  I hope that all who attended our leadership clinics and expressed an interest in serving as a student leader will continue to provide positive influence to their peers as we continue on our path of excellence.

The following students have been charged with the responsibility to serve as our leadership team.  I am certain that they will serve our team well and will propel us further onward and upward.

2015 CHS Trojan Band Leadership Team


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