Robichaux Family Food Sign-Up

Greetings everyone,

As a follow-up to our post at the beginning of the week, An Extraordinary Opportunity, here is the sign-up form for those interested in helping provide food for the Josh Robichaux family. We are taking a slightly different approach this time due to the complexity of the situation, given the distance the Robichaux’s live from Carrollton, their dietary restrictions and the uncertainty of their schedules over the next several weeks. Rather than our normal food sign-up where you would pick a day and item to contribute, this time we will simply be collecting your commitment and contact information. You will then be contacted by Rebecca Huls, wife of CJHS Band Director, Joe Huls, who has already mounted a significant effort on behalf of the Robichaux’s. She will be coordinating participation, meals, delivery etc., based on the Robichaux’s needs as Everett progresses through the recovery process.

SupportingSo if you would like to help with food for Josh and his family, please take a minute to complete the form now so Rebecca will know that she has our support and the resources she needs to properly care for and support the Robichaux family as they navigate this major life event.

Trojan Band family… Let’s do this!
CHS Band Staff and Boosters

Robichaux Family Food Sign-Up Form