CHS Trojan Band

2015 Carrollton High School Band BBQ Is Here!

It’s time for our annual Carrollton High School Band BBQ!  The BBQ will be held on May 7th, 2015 at Grisham Stadium at the visitors’ side concessions area between the hours of 11am and 6:45pm. Tickets are available now through April 23rd, 2015 from any high school band parent, student, […]

Robichaux Family Food Sign-Up

Greetings everyone, As a follow-up to our post at the beginning of the week, An Extraordinary Opportunity, here is the sign-up form for those interested in helping provide food for the Josh Robichaux family. We are taking a slightly different approach this time due to the complexity of the situation, given […]

An Extraordinary Opportunity

One of the things that is very special about being part of the Carrollton Trojan Band Program is the sense of community and family that binds our students, alumni and parents. We work hard, we laugh hard and when given the opportunity we come together in force to support our […]