CHS Trojan Band

We’re Here To Pump You Up!

Hear me now and believe me later… We had a great All-In-One Turn-In night last evening. Thank you everyone who participated in the fundraiser and put forth great effort to support our band. Your efforts will make a difference. Just in case you forgot to stop by last night or […]

A Word From Our Presidents

Band parent and students, the presidents of the Carrollton Trojan Band Boosters… Our fellow BAND PARENTS and STUDENTS, We have just ONE WEEK to go with our ALL-IN-ONE SALE!!  JUST ONE WEEK!  Now is the time to dig in and sell to those last few people that you haven’t reached!  […]

What a day!

    Good evening! What a day! That is all there is to say.  I am overjoyed with the effort and pride that our band showed yesterday.  When I say band, what I mean is family.  As we know it takes a village and yesterday everyone was operating with the […]

2013-14 Final Thoughts and Farewell

As we come to the close of another school year, we should take time to reflect on the 2013-2014 season. We will say farewell to the Seniors who have put their talents and leadership on exhibition for the past 4 years. This talented group of kids has become our own […]