Pre-Festival Logistics

With the support of our administrators we have worked out the following logistics for our Pre-LGPE Concert next Tuesday evening. We are so thankful that we will have the opportunity for a limited audience within the MAC and also be able to offer a live stream so that everyone can have the opportunity to support our students and celebrate their hard work.

LGPE or Large Group Performance Evaluation is an opportunity for our students to perform for certified adjudicators and receive beneficial feedback on our progress and a rating against an established performance standard. This concert allows us to receive similar feedback in preparation of the evaluative performance provided by trusted colleagues. We are excited to welcome Derek Able, recently retired band director from Bremen HS; Scott King, band director at Starr’s Mill HS; and Michael Kobito, band director at Woodland HS to Carrollton and look forward to the insightful feedback that they will provide.

For a printable PDF of the following information you can download below.

  • Masks are required for all attendees (audience and performers) while inside the MAC.  
  • Performers should report backstage 25 minutes before performance time using the PERFORMER ENTRANCE at the rear of the MAC.
  • Audience members will enter the building at the front of the MAC closest to Ben Scott Blvd.
  • After each performance, audience members will exit the MAC directly from the auditorium or through the right side of the lobby.  You may meet your performers either at the home gates or in the amphitheater.
  • The auditorium will open 10 minutes before the start of each performance for audience members to find their seats.  
  • Tickets are required for entrance – each performer will be given 2 tickets to invite audience members.
  • Performers will exit the building at the rear of the MAC behind the home stands of the stadium and will walk around the MAC to meet up with parents.
  • Thank you for maintaining proper social distancing practices (6 feet between you and someone not within your family).
  • Seating will be divided into socially distanced pairs within the auditorium.  Thank you for choosing a pair of seats quickly and not sitting in the restricted seats.  
  • Once you have reunited with your performer please do not remain on campus.  We ask that you depart campus right away.
  • Live stream available:

Concert Times

The times have been spread out more than usual to allow each audience to exit before the next audience enters for the next performance. If you have multiple children performing, thank you in advance for exiting when appropriate and re-entering with another ticket for each performance. The doors will open 10 minutes before the next performance. Please do not arrive too early as the social distancing location to wait on the doors to open will be outside on the concrete patio closest to Ben Scott Blvd.

  • 5:00PM Carrollton Junior High School 7th Grade Band
  • 5:45PM Carrollton Junior High School 8th Grade Band
  • 6:30PM Carrollton High School Concert Band
  • 7:15PM Carrollton High School Symphonic Band
  • 8:00PM Carrollton High school Wind Ensemble

Students should arrive to the MAC in full concert attire 25 minutes before their scheduled performance times.

High School report times:

  • Concert Band reports backstage in concert attire at 6:05pm
  • Symphonic Band reports backstage in concert attire at 6:50pm
  • Wind Ensemble reports backstage in concert attire at 7:35pm

We look forward to showcasing our students’ hard work next Tuesday. Thank you for your assistance in helping us keep our students and community safe by following these guidelines. Also please share the live stream link with family and friends who otherwise would not be able to attend:


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