February, already?

Week at a Glance

  • Monday: Symphonic Band • 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • Gold Winter Guard • 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Tuesday: Wind Ensemble • 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • Silver Winter Guard • 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Wednesday: Concert Band 3:45 – 6:00pm
  • Thursday: All Winter Guard • 6:00pm – 900pm

Congratulations again to the following students for the acceptance into the 2021 GMEA District VII Honor Band!  

9-10 Concert Band

  • Connor Haley, bassoon – 1st alternate
  • Jeffrey Garcia, clarinet – 2nd chair
  • Madison Pate, tenor sax – 2nd alternate
  • Caroline Steed, bari sax – 3rd alternate
  • Walker McCullough, trumpet – 1st chair (principal)
  • Logan Moore, baritone – 3rd alternate
  • Gareth Blinn, tuba – 3rd alterante

11-12 Symphonic Band

  • Maggie Rowland, flute – 4th chair
  • Caroline Fjeran, clarinet – 15th chair
  • Kaila Bryant, clarinet – 1st alternate
  • Katie Hoberg, tenor sax – 1st alternate
  • Austin Schumann, trumpet – 2nd chair
  • Lexi Laye, trombone – 1st alternate
  • Andrew Beam, tuba – 4th alternate

District honor band is scheduled for April 30 – May 1 this year. The 9-10 ensemble will rehearse at our Mabry Arts Center and the 11-12 ensemble will rehearse at the county Performing Arts Center. Concerts for the event are scheduled for May 1 at the county Performing Arts Center.

2nd Round All-State Qualifiers

The following students qualified to audition for the 2nd Round of All-State by earning a qualifying score at the 1st round auditions. Please help congratulate them, they will continue to prepare their auditions for the opportunity to represent our school in the All-State Band. 

  • Andrew Beam, tuba
  • Connor Haley, bassoon
  • Katie Hoberg, tenor sax
  • Walker McCullough, trumpet
  • Austin Schumann, trumpet

2nd Round Audition Procedures

Submit your links (Here) by February 21, 2021. Sight-reading will be made available on Friday, February 19 on the GMEA Website under All-State: https://www.gmea.org/asb-information.

Like the first round, brass and woodwind students will submit links of their lyrical and complete
technical etude to their band director. Students have the option to use the same lyrical link from first
round if they choose or re-record. Label the links in the same format as the first round. For each
submitted video, students should say their name, grade in school and what they are playing.
Percussion need to submit links of the snare, mallet and timpani etudes in their entirety.

In lieu of sight-reading, GMEA will release a “Quick Study Etude” on Friday, February 19th for all
auditioning brass, woodwind and percussion students on the GMEA website under the All-State
information page. All students will be required to record themselves performing this etude for their
instrument. They should label it using the same format as the other prepared etudes when uploaded in
YouTube to create the unlisted link.

*Due to limited accessibility, percussion will only have one quick study requirement, which will be on
snare drum.

Volunteer Opportunities – Please Help 

We have three major fundraising events in the works and are looking for volunteers to help with all aspects of each event. These events will help us earn money for the boosters day to day operations and will also help raise money for the purchase of new marching uniforms.

The events that we need volunteers for are the Trojan Band March 5k in April, the annual Band BBQ in May, and our CHS Scramble golf tournament the first Friday of June. If you are interested in helping with any of these events, please contact Shannon Waldroup at slwaldroup2001@yahoo.com or you can visit the links below to sign-up. 

Senior Spotlight – Need your help

We would like to continue our Senior Spotlights tradition that was started last year. Seniors or senior parents, click here to fill out this form to allow customization of your senior spotlight. Filling out the form allows us to celebrate our senor’s future plans and share photos of them from throughout their school careers.

If you have a child who participates in the marching band, it is very important that you subscribe to our Remind. Although we will send communications regarding class via Infinite Campus (IC) messenger, we use Remind for our extra curricular communications. The interface for the IC messenger does not allow us to send messages unless we use a computer and we often need access to send a communication (i.e., updated ETA’s) using our phones. We use Remind for all “just in time” communication to our marching band parents and students.

How to Join Remind

We would also appreciate you following the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Upcoming Dates

Below is a list of some upcoming events, please refer to our calendar on chstrojanband.com for a more complete overview of our upcoming rehearsals and events.

  • 2.13 – Gold and Silver Winter Guard Performances at River Ridge HS
  • 2.15 – 17 – Winter Break – No School
  • 3.2 – BAND CONCERT! Pre-LGPE Concert
    • We are still working on logistics for how an audience may work, but we have already made arrangements to live stream the event from the MAC so that our students will have the opportunity to perform a concert for their parents. More information will come out as it is available.
  • 3.6 – Gold and Silver Winter Guard Performances at East Coweta HS
  • 3.13 – Gold and Silver Winter Guard Performances at Etowah HS
  • 3.16 – 3.17 – LGPE: Specific performance times and dates are yet to be released, but we will perform on one of these dates at the Carroll County Performing Arts Center. I do not have information on audience attendance yet, but will share that information as soon as I know something. It is my understanding that these concerts will be live-streamed as well. More information will be released as we learn it.
  • 3.27 – Gold and Silver Winter Guard Performance at Championships at Buford HS
  • 4.5 – 9 – Spring Break – No School

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