Trojans Accepted Into District Honor Band

This year the district honor band audition process required students to record video submissions, upload them to YouTube as unlisted, and submit them as a virtual audition. Submissions included a performance of prescribed major scales, a lyrical etude, and the first portion of the technical etude, which served as a substitute for sight-reading. The videos were adjudicated this past Saturday by district band directors at East Paulding High School. Due to COVID guidelines in place the membership in each ensemble had to be reduced from a typical year to accommodate adequate spacing between the musicians on stage during rehearsal and performance. This resulted in many sections being limited by as much as 50% their traditional capacity. We are extremely proud of all of our students who made the commitment to record their videos and submit for consideration. It required extra hours outside of our class time and the navigation of new technologies for many of our students. All students who decided to participate have grown because of the process regardless of the outcome and we appreciate their brave leadership! Modeling the choice to take a risk and attempt challenging things inspires others to follow in your footsteps. Continue to challenge yourself in all that you do and you will continue to grow! The reward is in the journey not the destination and I am extremely proud of your determination and extraordinary efforts.

The following students were listed for the following positions in the 2021 District VII Honor Band. Congratulations!

9-10 Concert Band

  • Connor Haley, bassoon – 1st alternate
  • Jeffrey Garcia, clarinet – 2nd chair
  • Madison Pate, tenor sax – 2nd alternate
  • Caroline Steed, bari sax – 3rd alternate
  • Walker McCullough, trumpet – 1st chair (principal)
  • Logan Moore, baritone – 3rd alternate
  • Gareth Blinn, tuba – 3rd alterante

11-12 Symphonic Band

  • Maggie Rowland, flute – 4th chair
  • Caroline Fjeran, clarinet – 15th chair
  • Kaila Bryant, clarinet – 1st alternate
  • Katie Hoberg, tenor sax – 1st alternate
  • Austin Schumann, trumpet – 2nd chair
  • Lexi Laye, trombone – 1st alternate
  • Andrew Beam, tuba – 4th alternate

District honor band is scheduled for April 30 – May 1 this year. The 9-10 ensemble will rehearse at our Mabry Arts Center and the 11-12 ensemble will rehearse at the county Performing Arts Center. Concerts for the event are scheduled for May 1 at the county Performing Arts Center.

2nd Round All-State Qualifiers

The following students qualified to audition for the 2nd Round of All-State by earning a qualifying score at the 1st round auditions. Please help congratulate them, they will continue to prepare their auditions for the opportunity to represent our school in the All-State Band.

  • Andrew Beam, tuba
  • Connor Haley, bassoon
  • Katie Hoberg, tenor sax
  • Walker McCullough, trumpet
  • Austin Schumann, trumpet


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