First Week of School!

We are so excited to see everyone at school tomorrow. We will use our instruments tomorrow (if not in class, we do have after school rehearsal). Much of class time will be spent going over procedures and protocols, but we do plan on playing outside at least some during class. All band classes will report to the band room like normal. Each student has an assigned seat. Names are taped on the floor in front of your seat.

Yes, students may bring their instruments to the band room to use the storage room before school so that they do not have to carry their instruments to all of their classes. Students need to follow these following rules to utilize the room efficiently:

  1. Wear your mask when on campus (it is important that you have this with you all day)
  2. Receive hand sanitizer upon entering the band room
  3. Put up your instrument and exit the storage room

If students are waiting in the band room before their class starts, they will need to sit in a chair (all of our chairs are in a 6×6 grid) and not group up. Please do not move the chairs or sit in a chair with paperwork in it. Remember, we will start in advisement tomorrow, so it is best that you drop off your instrument and begin your journey to your Advisement class.

When you do report to class, get your instrument, find your assigned seat and wait for instructions. You will not need a stand inside the band room because we plan to only play our instruments outside.

We look forward to welcoming you back tomorrow! We will make this a great school year!

Week at a Glance

  • Tuesday, September 8 – After school practice 3:45pm – 6:15pm
    • Drink lots of water throughout the school day. Be sure to bring your water bottle with you to all of your classes.
  • Thursday, September 10 – Evening practice 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Friday, September 11 – Band Event to watch the away game together in the MAC: details below

Football Game – September 11

  • 6:00PM Report for dinner (Chick-fil-a: Sign up for dinner here)
    • Dinner will be served outside and students will sit with their sections. Section leaders will present awards to their sections during dinner, beginning at 6:30PM.
  • 7:15PM Report to the MAC to watch the game
  • 7:30PM Watch the game in the MAC
  • Around 10:00PM Dismissal – A remind will be sent out at the start of the 4th quarter for a better estimate of when the game will end. If you have not signed up for the remind, find that information below.

In an effort to allow students to sit around, yet socially distanced, with friends in the band we will allow the students to spread themselves out in the MAC and staff will walk around to verify that all students are socially distanced to safely view the football game from the MAC.

Stay In Touch

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We need people to help secure sponsorships – please call Jennifer Carden, 678-283-7471 or email at, if you are willing to help make phone calls, visit local businesses, and brag on our band students!

Spirit Wear & Show Shirts

Kelly Hansen will be at the band room on Thursday from 5 – 7pm if you have already ordered spirit wear and need to pick it up. This is also a great time to place a pre-order for show shirts and check out other band spirit wear available in our Trojan Band Shoppe. Online pre-order option available here for show shirts..

Donations? Items Needed

  • We ask all band students to either donate 4 cases of water or $10 to help us provide the water needed for the fall season. Thank you to all who have already donated!
  • Hand Sanitizer – this is something that we will continue to use to keep our students safe
  • 70% or higher – Isopropyl Alcohol to sanitize our stands.

Band Health Class

More information about the class can be found here.

Parents, if your child has not completed the Health Class, please ask them why not. All work at this point is past due. I am still accepting it for full credit however.

Students, many of you have received your grades and have been worried because all of the work is past due and you are worried that you have failed. That is not the case. You are welcome to retake any work that you did not pass until you have a passing grade. Since the class is technically a summer class, I have to submit the grades to our guidance department before Thanksgiving.

If you have not finished the class, you need to complete all assignments by the end of September. That will give us the month of October to retake any assignments that you need to pass the class. Thank you for finishing up your work.

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