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To make sure you don’t miss anything here are the important ideas to find:

  1. Band Camp Updated Schedules
  2. COVID Guidelines – learn them and follow them
  3. Volunteer Needs
  5. Band BBQ Update
  6. Requested Donations
  7. How to survive BAND CAMP

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Week of July 20th Schedule – NEXT WEEK!

  • 8:00AM – 3:00PM Full Band (All members – Winds, Percussion, and Guard)
    • Detail of the schedule below in UPDATED COVID GUIDELINES

*Trojan Business Day is on Tuesday, July 21. Our students will attend Trojan Business Day during these times: Seniors at 8:00AM; Juniors at 9:00AM; Sophomores at 10:00AM; Freshmen at 12:00PM. It is expected that students take care of business as efficiently as possible and return promptly to rehearsal.

Volunteers Needed – We are working on our volunteer links and they will be ready soon. Stay tuned. If you would like to go ahead and let the Band Boosters know that are available to help, please reach out to Shannon Waldroup, our Volunteer Coordinator at

Just to get it on your mind we will need help for the following:

  • Handing out pre-packaged breakfast to the band from 7:30 – 8:00am (2-4 volunteers)
  • Dispensing sanitizer at the arrival of students 7:30 – 8:00am (2-4 volunteers)
  • Handing out pre-packaged lunches to the band from 11:00am – 12:00pm (2-4 volunteers)
  • Assisting with taking band paperwork from students upon arrival – 7:30-8:00am (1-2 volunteers)

Week of July 27 Schedule

In an effort to mitigate potential COVID risks we will be remaining outside for much of our rehearsal, potentially all of our rehearsal. Because of this added stress, we have decided not to have our evening blocks during this week. Additionally, we are limiting our temporary band camp staff as another safety measure and teachers return to pre-planning on Tuesday. Our full time staff will be in meetings on Tuesday and Thursday morning to prepare for school opening. These critical meetings will assist us in preparing to welcome all of our students back safely for the school year. Due to these circumstances, we felt it necessary to only have camp on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week from 8:00AM – 4:00PM.

Governor Kemp has recently extended the Public Health State of Emergency through August 11. For the health concerns of our community, it would not be prudent of us to have a performance at this time. Although we will still have the Band BBQ on Friday, July 31, we will not have a performance. Students, we will find an appropriate time to perform for our community and to have our candle light ceremony. As times continue to be uncertain, I appreciate your understanding and maturity while making safety a priority.

***Updated COVID-19 Guidelines***

Student Arrival

  • Students should report to the marching field with their instrument by 8:00AM wearing an acceptable face covering, which include masks, face shields, gaiters, etc.  and proper athletic attire – hats, sunglasses, shorts, t-shirt, socks, and shoes.  
  • The band room will open at 7:30AM.  Any students who need to enter the band room for equipment will follow the following procedures:
    • Receive hand sanitizer at the door and continue wearing a mask at all times while inside the building.
    • Students will enter the band room at the front of the building and will line up on the blue tape (measuring 6 feet)
    • Students will exit the band room from the nearest alternative exit and will not exit the front of the building.
      • Alternative exits – hallway (winds), garage (large instruments/percussion), and upstairs (colorguard)
  • All students need a personal water bottle, preferably one that will keep their water cold.  Something similar to the quart sized igloo water cooler is highly recommended.  Although we will refrain from using the water fountains, we will allow access to the bottle filling stations so that students may refill their water cooler.  We have 2 stations.  Students will line up on the tapes to use the water station and exit via the hallway door.  Please arrive with your water bottle filled to limit the need to use the filler stations.  Students will not have access to the ice machine.  
  • Enter the band field via the bridge and receive hand sanitizer upon arrival.

BreakfastJuly 20 – 24 & July 27, 29, 31 from 7:30AM – 7:45AM

  • Breakfast is available for free to all students who sign-up by July 15.  Students should arrive in time to receive breakfast at 7:30AM in the courtyard outside of the cafeteria. 
  • Please eat your breakfast on your way to rehearsal and dispose of your trash responsibly.

Morning BlockJuly 20 – 24 from 8:00AM – 11:00AM and July 27, 29, 31 from 8:00AM – 11:30AM

  • It is recommended that students continue to wear a mask during the morning block.  Regardless, a mask is required when arriving and for use during breaks when maintaining a 6 foot distance is more challenging. There will be built in mask breaks.  
  • Students will be assigned a “basics block,” during which students will be staged at a 4×4 block.  In band we use a 22.5” also known as an 8 to 5 step when creating our basics block.  In this formation, students will be more than 6 feet away from one another while learning marching fundamentals.
  • Playing during this portion of camp will be very limited and most likely will not happen until Thursday or Friday of camp.  It is important however that we learn to move correctly while demonstrating correct playing position and posture with the instruments.
  • Once we have established a basics block for our students that we will use for attendance and large group instruction while maintaining proper social distance, we may break up into smaller groups in various parts of the football field and continue to work in smaller 4×4 block formations  to increase social distancing and the ability for individual feedback.
  • Mr. Carr has been working with our Athletic Department to share time in the SAC (indoor facility). We may utilize the SAC (indoor facility) while maintaining social distance.

Lunch July 20 – 24 from 11:00AM – 11:45AM  and July 27, 29, 31 from  11:30AM – 1:00PM

  • All students will eat their lunch in the shade under the home stands while maintaining proper social distance.  
  • While traveling to lunch from the morning block, staff/students/volunteers will wear masks.
  • Lunches will be served outside in the courtyard next to the school cafeteria.  Sign-ups for lunch should be completed by Wednesday, July 15 to aid our cafeteria staff in preparing our first week of meals.  
  • Once students get their meal from outside the cafeteria they will  proceed to the area underneath the home stands to eat lunch.  

Afternoon BlockJuly 20 – 24 from 11:45AM – 3:00PM and July 27, 29, 31 from 1:00PM – 4:00PM

  • Students will meet with instruments in sectionals (Woodwinds, Brass, Front Ensemble, Battery, and Colorguard) outside in the shade.  
    • The use of a 3 ring binder, sheet protectors, and clothes pins is highly recommended to combat the wind during sectionals.  
  • We will not meet in a standard sized classroom for any instruction during band camp.
  • Mr. Carr has been working with our Athletic Department to share time in the SAC (indoor facility). We may meet as a full ensemble inside the SAC (indoor facility), while maintaining social distance on Thursday and Friday to rehearse the music together from 1:30 – 3:00PM the first week and from 2:30 – 4:00PM the second week.


  • It is highly encouraged for all students to take equipment home each day when possible to limit the traffic inside the band room as much as possible.  All instruments are welcome to go home, but we understand some may be too large to transport everyday.
  • Any equipment that needs to be returned to the band room will be done in the same procedure as when students arrive.
    • Receive hand sanitizer at the door and continue wearing a mask at all times while inside the building.
    • Students will enter the band room at the front of the building and will line up on the blue tape (measuring 6 feet)
    • Students will exit the band room from the nearest alternative exit and will not exit the front of the building.
      • Alternative exits – hallway (winds), garage (large instruments/percussion), and upstairs (colorguard)

Other important notes

  • Anyone who has knowingly been exposed to COVID-19 within the past 2 weeks should not participate.
  • Staff and students will be screened upon arrival and throughout the camps for signs of illness, such as fever over 100.4 ºF, cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell. It is important  if you have symptoms to stay home and monitor your symptoms and seek medical attention if they worsen or are severe.
  • Students who may show symptoms after arrival will be quarantined on campus until a parent can pick them up. If the student drove to rehearsal, a parent will be contacted and a parent will be contacted and arrangements will be made for them to return home.
  • Unnecessary visitors are prohibited and parents should remain in their vehicles while dropping off or picking up students.
  • Parents who need to visit the band room, should only visit the area closest to Ms. Dothard’s desk in the lobby.
  • Staff and students who enter the building will be required to  wear an appropriate face covering.

Band Camp MEALS

Because our cafeteria staff is full of ROCKSTARS we are able to offer our students breakfast and lunch during the first week of band camp and breakfast during the 2nd week of band camp. Your responses will create a spreadsheet and to help when printing lists each day, please enter your FIRST and LAST name for each day that you would like breakfast/lunch. Students who do not sign-up will need to eat breakfast at home and bring a lunch from home. Students will not be permitted to leave campus during lunch.

Final Band Fee Installment Due – July 20, 2020

See handbook for amounts: 

All band fees should be turned in to Mrs. Dothard, the high school band secretary, and she will write you a receipt. The school accepts cash or money orders, the school no longer accepts checks.  Please drop payments off at the band room instead of mailing them so that we can provide you with a receipt. Or to save you a trip you can pay your band fees online through the following school website: *Note: A $25 late fee will be added to all past due amounts.

Band BBQ – July 31

Updated BBQ Presale Form — Continue to sell tickets! We are down to the last 2 weeks. Rather sell actual tickets? Pick up packets on Monday and continue selling. They have been published on Facebook as well. Thank you for sharing with friends, family, co-workers, and our community! This year we plan on raffling off some of the frozen meat that we still have in the freezer as well as a few other door prizes. It is going to be a fun evening.

Although we are unable to have the performance at this time, the BBQ is still happening on July 31. Class of 2020, I am so sorry that the uncertainty continues to meander and one more event has been cancelled. Please know that we value you and are working on finding a suitable way to continue to honor the legacy that you have left for us.

Orders will be delivered curbside to patrons who will remain in their cars. You can continue to presale up until the date of the BBQ, but we ask that you turn in money on Friday, July 24 so that we can estimate how many BBQ meals to prepare for the day. Patrons can purchase meals the day of as well. Please share on social media and continue to talk up our Trojan Band!

Donations? Items Needed

  • Bottled water or $10 donation so we can buy more
    • Since we are not able to use the water coolers, we will use more bottled water than a typical year. All donations are appreciated.
  • Hand Sanitizer
    • We have had a good response, but we will be using quite a bit of sanitizer over the next few weeks. All donations are appreciated.
  • Sanitizing wipes
    • This is an area that we do not have as much of, any sanitizing wipes to help keep the storage rooms clean, etc. will help.
  • EZ Up Canopies to use during band camp (please label with your name and phone #)
    • We will be outside more during camp this year. We need shelter for during the hottest part of the day, and a way to spread the shade out so the students have socially distanced areas to keep cool in the heat.
  • Poker Chips
    • The cheaper the better – we use these to learn our drill spots. No need for them to be fancy.

How to Survive Band Camp


This was written by Mr. Post quite a many years ago and is still a fantastic guide to help us prepare for band camp.

With our band camps just a week away, I’m sure there are a lot of rookie students and parents wondering just how to prepare themselves for band camp. With that in mind we wanted to re-share this article that provides a short list of tips that we complied from several insightful articles that should help our newcomers and veteran band members better prepare for this year’s band camps.

  • Be prepared. Make sure to have water, instrument, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.
  • Early is on time.  Always arrive a few minutes early. Remember that you need time to gather your things and get to the practice area.
  • Try your hardest. Band camp will go a lot smoother if you make a decent effort at marching and playing your instrument.
  • Be optimistic and don’t complain. Complaining or bellyaching is extremely annoying to everyone and ultimately unhelpful.
  • Make friends. Get to know your classmates, your section, whoever is sitting or standing next to you in formation. You have band and music in common already, but do not talk when you’re are setting up formations or going over your music.
  • Learn the show. Now is the time to practice. Practice as you would like to perform- learn your formations, music, rhythms, etc.
  • Take care of yourself. You’ll perform better and feel better if you take care of your body. Marching band is a sport!
    • Stretch. Marching band can be demanding during the summer, stretch as you would in preparation for any other strenuous activity.
    • Wear sunscreen and a hat. That sunburn won’t feel good tomorrow, and it’ll spare you sock tans, glove tans, and drum harness tans (somewhat). Remember to reapply every 2 hours or so.
    • Wear chapstick that protects against the sun. Sunburned lips are not fun to play an instrument with, especially for brass players.
    • Wear sunglasses. Sunglasses will help protect your eyes from UV rays and block annoying glare.
    • Drink plenty of water. This means water and/or Gatorade/Powerade. Soda and juice will dehydrate you. Avoid drinking milk or eating dairy products. The heat will cause it to curdle in your stomach and make you nauseous.
      • Remember to start hydrating in the days leading up to band camp too. This preparation is very important.
    • Eat healthy foods! Don’t just eat a pop-tart for breakfast on your way out the door; marching a lot is a very physical activity, especially if it’s for the entire day. Also remember to eat a healthy lunch. Fried foods aren’t good for you anyway, but if you eat unhealthy fast food, you will regret it later.
    • Wear lightweight clothing and comfortable, athletic shoes. Dress appropriately for the weather and being on your feet for long periods of time.
    • Smell good. No one likes a smelly band person. Deodorant helps, and should be available in case you need a quick refresh.
  • Learn how to wear your uniform and try it on. This way you can avoid disasters before an actual show at a competition. Minutes before your first show is not the time to learn the intricacies of tying your citation cord, discover that your pants are too short or too long, or learn that nobody ever issued you a plume.
  • Care for your instrument.
    • Insert the brass mouthpiece or woodwind part firmly enough that it doesn’t fly out when snapped up and down.
    • Avoid getting a woodwind wet, especially the pads. If your instrument does get wet, use your cleaning cloth to dry it after practice.
    • Oil your valves or slide before practice. It’s much harder from mid-field.
    • Learn the proper way to set your instrument down: not on its keys or delicate valves. If you must set your instrument on the ground, set it with the others from your section, it might help save them from a careless foot.
  • Get some rest. Band camp can be strenuous, and it’s easier if you’re well rested.
  • Be respectful and courteous towards band directors and assistants. Often they are busy or stressed, so be understanding.
  • Remember that everyone is at band camp to learn. If you’re a newcomer, don’t take it personally when an instructor gives advice. Remember, they’re trying to help you look better in performance. If you’re a returning member, help out newcomers and be patient with them. You were a rookie once.
  • Have fun! At first, band camp may feel completely insane. However, nothing can compare to the feeling of marching your field show at halftime with all of your friends. You’re going to make tons of friends.

Tips & Warnings

  • Woodwinds and brass should not play their instrument after eating or drinking sugary stuff (like Gatorade and Powerade). It’s fine to have a snack during breaks, just make sure to wash it down with water.
  • Never handle or play somebody else’s instrument – it is also against our COVID guidelines and you will be held accountable if it gets damaged.
  • If you are given a drill sheet/card with your formations on it or music do not lose it.
  • Respect upperclassmen, chances are they’re right and you’re wrong.
  • Many people can overheat during band camp if it’s hot outside. If you start to feel fatigued, dizzy, nausea, you may be suffering from heat exhaustion. Tell a section leader, drum major, or staff member immediately. Get to some shade and get some water if you think this is happening to you.
  • Don’t talk when the band director, staff, drum majors, or section leaders are talking. Not only will this irritate them, but it will distract people around you from what they’re saying, which could be very important. If you need help finding your drill spot, quietly raise your hand and someone will gladly help you. Marching Band is very military-esque. When the director is speaking, you do not. When you need to snap to attention, you snap. Take it seriously, many skills that you learn in this activity can be applied to every day life!

I hope you find this article helpful as you prepare for this year’s band camps. Remember if you have any specific questions about either band camp, you can contact Mr. Carr at: or the Band Boosters at:

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