Website Subscription Communication Limitation

My apologies for the change in information today and multiple posts. I secured the SAC (Student Activity Center – AKA the Indoor Facility) and was mistakenly told we were good. Another group had already booked the facility until 7:00PM. Realizing this double booking, and considering that during the school year we will be rehearsing on Thursdays from 6pm – 9pm, I decided to change rehearsal to 7:00PM – 9:00PM so that we can use the SAC uninterrupted. I changed it online, but the e-mail for those who subscribed never got an update. This is a limitation to the subscription. Knowing the limitation, I sent a special announcement via Remind and Mr. Nelson helped me to spread the word on Facebook. Thank you for your patience and understanding. And please continue reading as we have the following additional ways that you can stay in the loop more closely –


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