Reminders for next week

Trojan Band Family,

We realize that we are throwing a lot of information out here for you this week and thank you for your continued support. Please bear with us as we plan and prepare for our upcoming Trojan Band events with, first and foremost, everyone’s health and safety in mind. With that being said, we have some pressing needs that you can assist us with before Band camp begins on Monday.

Our annual clean-up day this Saturday the 18th, from 9-12. This is an important step in preparing and organizing the band room for the year to come. There are a variety of tasks to be completed from cleaning coolers to building shelves. Please consider volunteering for this opportunity, even if you cannot attend the entire session. Your help will be appreciated!

Volunteer Here

Sign up for Band Camp Meals

We discovered that the links in the previous post had issues. One was posted 2 times, and one was broken. Below are the corrected links, and they have been corrected on the original post. Lunch Week 1 was good to go! But please fill out the other 2 links again just to be sure we have the correct order. More importantly, we need to know what food allergies your student might need accommodations for. (Links are attached for both weeks)

Volunteers, volunteers, volunteers!

Due to instituted Covid-19 guidelines, we are in need of volunteers to assist in monitoring during camp to make sure students are following these guidelines. Some of these tasks include: Meal distribution and monitoring during meals, helping Ms. Dothard with paperwork, and assisting students and staff with needs that may arise during the day. Please email Shannon Waldroup, with the days and times you can volunteer. She will be able to answer any questions you might have.

We love our Trojan Band family and the flexibility you have during these unprecedented times.


Shannon Waldroup, volunteer coordinator

PS – Review last night’s post

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