Trojan Night 2019

Photo courtesy of Kelly Hansen

Band, shake it out!

This week has been absolutely wonderful! The students, parents, and staff have been dedicating their best efforts to prepare for the season with outstanding success! We are very excited to share the results of our efforts this evening at Trojan Night, we hope that you will plan to attend!


Trojan Night is our family and friends preview performance. We hope that you will invite others to attend. Dinner begins at 6:00PM.  Students should wear their black band shorts and show shirts for the performance. The students will first perform skits that they have been preparing all week for team-building purposes, then will perform pre-game, a stand-still performance of the show music and choreography, and then march and play what we are able to learn throughout the week. Following our performances is a Candle Light ceremony on the band practice field.

Get Your Show Shirts!!! – ONLY $15

Ozier has added the show shirt to the ordering link for us. Visit their site to

Order your Band Jacket, Duffle Bag, or Show Shirt:

Duffle bags are required for Color Guard, but anyone can purchase one.
The cost has gone down and is only $38.50.

Band Jacket is required for ALL band members. The cost is $70. You will be fitted to make sure you get the right size. For an additional $5.00 you can add your name and instrument so that the jackets do not become mixed up.

Please place your order by Sunday, July 28, 2019.


I have finally been able to schedule a time with our photographer for photos this year.  We will take our photos on Tuesday, July 30 at 5:30PM.  Students need to be in their uniform by 5:15PM so that we can line up for the full group shot and take the photo at 5:30PM.  Following the full band shot, we will take our section photos as well.  Once we are finished with photos then we will continue our scheduled practice until 9:00PM.

Seniors will take their photos with their families for the program on Thursday, August 1 beginning at 5:30PM.  The band room will be opened at 5:00PM for students to access their marching uniform.  Photos will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Band Parent Orientation

We are hosting a Band Parent Orientation Night for first-time band parents on August 8, 2019 from 7-8PM in the Band Room. It is a great way to meet other band parents and to learn how to be more involved and what to expect this upcoming marching band season. We hope that you make plans to attend.


As of July 23, 2019 – Remind101 has started a new marketing plan and has stopped service to organizations larger than 150, without a paid subscription. Additionally, in a recent meeting teachers were advised to begin stream-lining all similar communication (similar to Remind) to the Infinite Campus communication feature. Mr. Carr will have more information following his upcoming training, but until then we wanted to alert you that we do not have a functioning Remind account at this point.


We are fortunate that our students may receive health and pe credit for full participation in marching band. More information regarding this process may be accessed by following this link Many of our students are making great progress towards completing the online requirements for the health portion of the class. If this pertains to your child, please help to check up on their progress. There is an option in the Google Classroom for them to invite you to receive notifications. Since it is a course that allows them to work at their own pace, oftentimes it can be out of sight and out of mind, causing the students to fall behind. The best way for them to avoid any extra stress is to stay ahead of the deadlines to complete the course well before Thanksgiving Break. Thank you for your assistance with this.

Water Donations

We use a lot of water throughout the season! In an effort to keep the costs down for our booster club we respectfully request donations of 4 cases of bottled water. If you would prefer to not purchase the bottled water, then would you please donate $10 so that we can purchase the cases on your behalf? We use the bottled water when our band travels to away games and when we feed our students meals throughout the season. Many of you have actually already brought in some cases of water, THANK YOU SO MUCH!


The Charms Calendar is syncing again. Syncing your calendar with the band calendar is a great way to stay informed of the schedule. You can access more information through the links above (If you hover over Calendar, Sync Calendar becomes an option), or just click here.

Do you shop on Amazon? Use Amazon Smile ( and select our band to support our students while you shop. It’s the same site but allows you to choose someone to receive a portion of the sale. If you already support someone on Amazon Smile, thank you for giving back. If you haven’t chosen someone through Amazon Smile, we would be honored if you chose the Carrollton High School Band Booster Club Inc. Thank you for all that you do for your child and all of the children in our community! Carrollton is the best place to live because it is full of people like you!

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