Ms. Menendez CJHS Teacher of the Year!

I couldn’t be prouder to share with you all the wonderful news!

Tonight was a great night hiding in the wings of the MAC with Ms. Menendez’s family waiting for the announcement!

Ms. Menendez, thank you for being an amazing role model for all of us around you- parents, students, and staff. Your love of all students and genuine desire to help others is admirable and we are so thankful to be a part of your team. You pour into everyone you meet and do your best to brighten other people’s days. I hope that we were able to brighten yours today with the surprise of your family being in attendance to watch as you were awarded this incredible honor. Well deserved! You are respected by students, parents, and colleagues because of who you are and what you represent! Thank you for being a ROCKSTAR!!! We love you! Congratulations!

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