Volunteers still needed

Good morning!

I hope that this post finds you well!  First off, thank you to everyone who is pulling together to make band camp a success for our students!  I really appreciate everyone pulling together even more while I am still at UGA finishing up the first semester of an Ed D program.  Mr. Robichaux, Mr. Huls, Ms. Menendez and our camp staff are doing a great job keeping everything running for our students.


  • Volunteers Needed for both weeks of Band Camp:  The sign-ups are to numerous to link individually, so please just visit our Charms calendar here and click the little multicolored hands, which means “Volunteer!,” and sign-up for as many opportunities to help as you can stand.
  • Helpers are needed to facilitate student pick up of the free breakfast/lunch.  It is titled “Breakfast or Lunch Duty,” but all that happens is you help transfer the food in coolers from the cafeteria to the band room for the students and then help pass the food out to the students who signed up for it.
  • Helpers are needed to help provide meals for band camp staff.  We ask parents to provide the meals because the staff stays on campus while supervising the students.  Also, it helps us retain the best staff since we do not pay them much for their time.  This is listed as “Staff Lunch on the calendar”

Thank you all so much!
Mr. Carr

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