2016 Leadership Team

We are extremely blessed at Carrollton to have a very large group of aspiring leaders, who have made choosing the leadership team very difficult.  I hope that our students realize that they make an impact on our organization everyday though each decision that they make.  It takes all of our efforts completing the necessary tasks and achieving our roles to the best of our abilities to realize success.  There is not a single role in our band program that is insignificant nor a single role that is more important than others.

The following students will have the responsibility of being held accountable for not only their works, but the works of team-mates and to be a role model for those around them.  They will be required to be the first ones to all events and the last ones to leave.  They have been selected through a leadership training process requiring clinics, interviews, and online tasks.  The drum majors had to audition in front of a 4 person panel where they prepared various tasks and performed them individually.  Again, we are extremely blessed to have had many candidates capable of filling these roles.

If you do not happen to see your name here, please remember that you add value to our team and we value your membership.  I am certain that the process that you sacrificed for and dedicated your time to has not been in vain.  Our entire team is stronger because of you and your season will come!  I am confident that every student who attended our leadership clinics and aspires to serve in leadership roles will have that opportunity sooner or later in their lifetime.   I am proud of each of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to be vulnerable.  I am honored to be your band director.

We will meet on Tuesday after school from 3 – 5 with our Leadership Team.  Also, if any of you are available to help with inventory check-in tomorrow, I could use your help from 3-5:30.  Drum Majors will be working with David Warren from 3-5:30 as well.  We have a lot of work to do to prepare for next season and I look forward to you leading the charge!

2016 Student Leadership Team

Drum Major – Kate Griffin

Assistant Drum Major – Lainey Driver

Flute – Brynne Wooten

Assistant Flute Section Leader – Kendall Ozier

Clarinet – Tamera Wilkerson

Assistant Clarinet Section Leader – Emily Chesser

Saxophone – Jose Martinez

Low Reeds – Zachary Beecham

Mellophones – Emily Brown

Trumpets – Maggi Hines

Assistant Trumpet Section Leader – Matthew Harris

Trombones – Cameron McNealey

Baritones – Corey Hutton

Sousaphones – Dee Byrd

Battery – Steve Hirvela and Jacob Bell

Front Ensemble – Kate Ashley

Color Guard Captain- Amber Zheng

Assistant Color Guard Captains – Dani Grooms and Saralyn Wiggins

Band Captain – Dee Byrd



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