GMEA District VII Honor Band Results

Congratulations to all of our students who auditioned for District Honor Band today.  These students are leading our band program to new heights because of their dedication and determination to achieve their personal best.  I am so proud of the students for setting the goal, sacrificing the time to practice, preparing the material, and persevering through the anxiety and nerves that happen during the audition process.  Regardless of the outcome, you have been a role model to others in our band program by displaying personal courage in working towards achieving your goals! BRAVO! You make me very proud to be a Trojan!

There were over 1100 students who auditioned today.   I am very proud to announce that we had a record number of students invited this year!  I am so proud of the individual process that our students continue to display and look forward to continue the music making with all of our amazing students.

CHS Students in the 11-12 Grade Band

  1. Payton Eason, flute
  2. Daniel Kuntz, principal clarinet
  3. Chase Hornsby,  alto saxophone (alternate)
  4. Katahj Copley, tenor saxophone
  5. Maggi Hines, trumpet
  6. Luke Bass, tuba
  7. Khalil Newell, tuba
  8. Emma Eddleman, percussion

CHS Students in the 9-10 Grade Band

  1. Kendall Ozier, flute
  2. Jesse Todd, flute
  3. Brianna Colquitt, bassoon
  4. Ryan Schumann, principal trumpet
  5. Matthew Harris, trumpet
  6. Taylor Berry, principal trombone
  7. Christian Williamson, trombone
  8. Kelly Ozier, euphonium
  9. Nykia Cook,  tuba (alternate)


If you see any of our students who auditioned, please thank them for making the commitment to excellence and doing their best to making our band better! WAY TO GO TROJANS!!!







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