Parking Recommendations for Tonight’s Concert

Our concert, “Celebrate the Season” is TONIGHT at 7:00 pm in the Mabry Arts Center.

This is a free concert.

Students should be dressed in concert attire and in our room by 6:00 pm.  They should enter the chorus room door.
For those guests attending,here is some information about parking.
Due to the construction, our parking lot beside the MAC is not available.  You may park across the street in the SMI lot.  There is a crosswalk on the corner and a fenced in sidewalk that will take you to the front doors of the MAC.
You may also park in the gym/field house area or across the street in the tennis court parking lot,or you’re welcome to park in the visitor’s parking to our stadium.
We will have the gate open that is between the gym and the field house.  (This is the same gate used for football games.)  You can enter there, walk underneath the home stands and then exit out the other football gate on the right.  That will put you at the front doors of the MAC.
We are asking students in the concert to avoid parking in the SMI lot so those spaces will be available for guests not as familiar with the school.
Thank you as we work out the logistics while we are under construction.
Terri Fazio

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