Student Drop off and Pick-Up Reminders


Good morning!

I just wanted to remind everyone of the importance of safety while the buses are dropping students off in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon.  As you know, our band room is located directly behind the bus drop off and pick up zone for our high school.  Because of this we must be conscious and considerate of the bus traffic, which has the right of way.

Please do not use the loop in front of the band room while the buses are dropping off or picking up students.  Dr. Albertus has decided to allow us to still use our band parking lot for student drop-off, but asked that we please do not pull through the bus loop.  As you enter our parking lot please keep to the left and yield to all bus traffic.  You may drop off on the side of the band room in our parking lot.  As you leave please proceed with caution and continue to yield to the bus traffic.

Buses drop off in the mornings at the high school from 6:30AM until 7:15AM and begin reporting at 2:00PM to pick up the students for dismissal in the afternoon until they depart around 3:00PM.  Please do not enter the bus loop during these times.

I appreciate everyone being careful for the safety of all of our students here at CHS.  Let’s continue to have a great year!

Mr. Carr

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