Great First Day! and… Corky Kell Classic Itinerary

First day of school was a great success!  If only the weather had cooperated and allowed us to practice longer outside that we could review our drill.  We will get caught up – I am certain.

As the students and staff arrived at school many of them made comments like “Wow, the band room looks clean,” and “Hey! Did you know that we had tile in the garage?!” Thank you so much to all of our wonderful parents and students who volunteered at the work day on Saturday.  It was fun working beside you, getting to know each other a little better, and taking care of our facilities.  I’ll never forget everyone’s disappointment after we finally unlocked that EXTREMELY HEAVY filing cabinet that we were all certain was full of treasured dance music only to discover that it was EMPTY!  Great times! I really appreciate your help!

In an effort to keep our facilities in tip top shape the students will perform the following duties broken down by section after practice everyday:

Section Leaders are responsible for double checking that its complete:
ALL – Dressing Rooms
Drum Majors – Garage
Flutes – Band Room – Help Front Ensemble
Clarinets – Band Room – Help Front Ensemble
Saxophones – Field
Trumpets – Field
Mellophones – Lobby
Trombones – Instrument Storage Room
Baritones – Instrument Storage Room
Sousaphones – Garage
Colorguard – Upstairs


Our very first game is right around the corner!  We will be participating in the Corky Kell Classic on August 23, which is hosted by McEachern HS this year.  Unfortunately because we are the “new” team to the classic we will be playing the morning game.  The good news is that in later years will rotate to the evening game, and will have an opportunity to play in the NEW stadium once it is finished downtown!  Keep in mind that this game was supposed to be played in the dome, but we were relocated to McEachern since the Falcons needed the dome on Saturday.  Kick-off is at 8:45AM, which means early departure time.

Here is the tentative itinerary for the game:

  • 6:00AM Report
  • 6:30AM Load Busses
  • 6:45AM Depart for McEachern HS
  • 7:45AM Arrive at McEachern HS
  • 8:45AM Kick-off (broadcasted on GPB TV)
  • HALF-TIME — Pull the Flag — Volunteers needed, let’s make this a great show!
  • 11:30AM Depart for Home
  • Approximately 12:30PM Arrive Back at CHS (Check Facebook and Twitter for updates if this changes.)

It is a very early report time for all of us, but I think it will be a fun day!  Sometimes the best memories begin with the earliest report times.  Looking forward to some great memories together!  Have a great evening and GO TROJANS!


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