T-Shirts, Gloves & More T-Shirts (Oh My!)

Well the beginning of school is here! And even though the Carrollton City School Campus is now alive as students are beginning another new school year, the Carrollton Trojan Marching Band has been busy for weeks in preparation for this year’s performances. And as our first performance looms just around the corner too, we wanted to mention a few necessary items to ensure that we are all ready.

  • Band Uniform T-Shirts/Undershirts (black): Every member of the band, excluding color guard members, is required to have at least one of the band t-shirts (black) to wear under their uniforms at every performance. It is recommended that you consider buying an extra to keep on hand in case one is misplaced or for those weekends when we have back-to-back performances. These t-shirts are $10.00 each and can be purchased from Ms. Dothard in the CHS band room. If your student has already received a shirt but has not tendered payment, please do so as soon as possible.
  • Band Uniform Gloves (black): Most band members are also required to purchase a set of the band uniform gloves (black), although some sections are exempt, so if your student is not sure if their sections uses the gloves, please have them ask their section leader or any of the band staff. Gloves are $3.00 each and can be purchased from Ms. Dothard in the CHS band room.
  • 2014ShowTshirt_Combo

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    2014 Visions of Red Show T-Shirts (red): All of the band students received their amazing 2014 show shirts at Trojan Night and now these t-shirts are being made available to our parents and supporters for $15.00 each (Add $1.50 for every size larger than XL. ie. 2X + $1.50; 3X + $3.00; 4X + $4.50). Mrs. Dothard will be accepting orders for the shirts until Tuesday, August 19th. You can stop by and order them at the CHS Band Room or by completing this online form: http://bit.ly/1A7vtRP   BUT PLEASE NOTE: Your order will have to be paid for in advance, prior to August 19th. So even if you use the online order form, you will need to stop by the band room or send in payment with your student prior to Tuesday August 19th.

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    Band Booster T-Shirts (black): The Band Boosters unveiled a new Band Booster t-shirt also on Trojan night! This t-shirt, modeled after the band’s uniform t-shirts, allows Band Booster members to proudly show our support at the games and events, while also allowing band students and staff members to easily identify us if needed. We received an overwhelming response for these shirts on Trojan Night and hope to get them ordered in time for our first home game. In order to do this, we also need these shirts to be paid for in advance by August 19th. Note:  If you paid for your Band Booster shirts on Trojan night, then we have your funds and you don’t need to do anything else, if you did not pre-pay, please drop by the band room or send in $15.oo (Add $1.50 for every size larger than XL. ie. 2X + $1.50; 3X + $3.00; 4X + $4.50) before Tuesday, August 19th. You can call also still order these up to the 19th as well, by stopping the CHS Band Room or by completing this online form: http://bit.ly/VaITgB  But again, please note these shirts need to be paid for by August 19th in order for them to be ordered.

One last very important thing to mention… You can imagine that all of this t-shirt talk is going to get very confusing when students and parents show up this week and saying “I want a t-shirt” or “I’m paying for a t-shirt…” etc.,  so please make sure to be very clear on which shirt(s) you are requesting/paying for so their is no confusion and Mrs. Dothard doesn’t come after us. It may even be a good idea to go pre-school and put your money in a sealed envelope and write on the outside exactly what you are providing funds for.

Okay…. that ended up way more complicated than I had hope… so maybe you will want to re-read that again if it didn’t process the first time… anyway I promise I will not mention “t-shirts” again for a while after this post 🙂   To end on a good note, we hope to have an online store front sometime in the near future where most of these supporter-type items can be ordered and paid for completely online, making all of this so much simpler. So please bear with us and we try to get all those pieces in place.

If you have any specific questions about any of these items, you can contact Mr. Carr at: christopher.carr@carrolltoncityschools.net, the Band Office at 770-834-0550 or the Band Boosters at: chstrojanbands@gmail.com.

Thank you all for your  continued support.

Have a great week!

CHS Band Staff & CHS Band Booster



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