Important Band Booster Information

ImageWe want to start by thanking everyone who came out yesterday to support the Band BBQ. We had some great food and a lot of fun. We were overwhelmed with the parents who came out to carry ice, set up, make sandwiches, make deliveries, etc. We actually saw Tony Antico sit down for a change we had so much help. What a great day and what a great fundraiser. Thanks to Joe and Allison Driver for putting everyone to work and making the day a non stressful one. We have a great organization and look forward to continuing the success. As the band played Battle Hymn for the seniors for their final hoorah, we then remember why we put so many hours into supporting these kids. We will say good bye to some great kids as we watch the next group become leaders and continue the tradition.

House Keeping Notes:

The band will have their spring concert and awards this evening. Please make every effort to attend to show your support for these kids. They have had a great year and we want to make sure they close out on a high note (Pun intended).

The band prom will be Saturday, May 10th. We will need volunteers to be chaperones as well as bringing finger foods and drinks. Please contact Ms. Dothard if you plan to help or bring food so she can make sure everything is organized.

As Nicole and I depart this evening as Band Presidents, we would like to say a big “Thank You” to everyone. We only fill a position but it takes everyone to make the program a success. Thanks to Mr. Cater and his staff for their support and taking care of OUR children. Whether you are an officer, pulling the flag, riding a bus, loading a truck, sewing a uniform… The list could go on forever. No one person can do everything and we are blessed to have a group of parents who make our jobs easy. We leave our booster club in the capable hands of Joe and Allison Driver. We will be there to support them in every way and challenge you to do the same. Thank you once again and we look forward to the future success of the program.

Lisa Gezon, one of our booster parents, is running for the parent representative of the new School Governing Team. If you would like to vote, the election will take place at the AMP on this evening (5/2/14) beginning at 5:30 –before the band concert.

Jeff and Nicole Jones
Your “Humbled” Booster Presidents

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