Attention Band BBQ Volunteers

The BIG BAND BBQ will be THIS THURSDAY, MAY 1ST, and I just wanted to thank everyone who signed up to help and volunteer for this very important fundraiser.  If you did not sign up, come on anyway, WE NEED YOU!! 

ImageWe are going to be making 3,000 sandwiches….THREE THOUSAND SANDWICHES!!  That is a lot of BBQ and we need all hands on deck to make it happen in a timely fashion. While making THREE THOUSAND SANDWICHES we are going to be having so much fun getting to visit and fellowship and just having an all around good time!  You may feel guilty if you don’t come and help out, but I GUARANTEE you won’t feel guilty if you DO 🙂  


  • The Buns and BBQ are going to be delivered between 8:30 and 9:00 am.  We need 12-15 people to help with the assembly lines and the general setting up of our BBQ “shop”. 
  • We have SEVERAL deliveries to be made. (some of them quite large–For example: 188 meals to the Elementary school at 11 am.) Therefore, we need several folks willing to step out and take a delivery if necessary.  Gas er’ up and be ready to roll!
  • Did I mention that we are making 3,000 Sandwiches?!!!

This is SUCH a fun time!  You will have a great time, sell a lot of BBQ, and maybe even make a few new friends.  And don’t forget– all of these effort helps our children to be a part of the Carrollton Trojan Band, which as a result of few fundraisers like this one, maintain some of the lowest band fees around.  
So…. Come on over to the BBQ on Thursday and let’s make some memories.
If you have any questions, please text (preferred) or call Joe Driver.

Your fellow BBQ consumer and producer,
Joe Driver
Band Booster Vice-President

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