Calendar Updated

Good evening!  

I wanted to apologize for the delay in finalizing the calendar for summer and next fall.  My goal was to keep things as similar as possible but without being here last year I had many things to consider before making the final decision.  Also, as you all know I am in between two jobs at the time.  This month is definitely one of the busiest of the year as you all know, and I just finished my final spring musical at South Paulding High School complete with late rehearsals all week long and 3 nights of performances.  Top that off with laryngitis and you start getting the picture of my previous week.  We will use the calendar linked to this website as our official calendar.  

As you see we have our first performance together on July 4 and are performing for live TV at the Corky Kell Classic in the second week of school!  It is going to be a GREAT year! 

I have filled out the calendar as fully as possible.  There are a few more dates for the colorguard during the summer that Ms. Shepherd and I spoke about, those dates will be posted soon.  Any changes to the calendar will be made as timely as possible and will be announced to keep everyone on the same page.  Also, since it is a Google Calendar you are able to sync it seamlessly with your smartphone and computers.  This will allow you to receive up to date information in real time.  Additionally, the calendar is synced to our home page where it lists upcoming events on the right side of our announcement feed.  

I have not been a part of the Carrollton High School Band Family long, but I am already learning how amazing our band boosters and volunteers are.  Thank you all for the warm welcome that you provided for my family and me.  We are excited about moving to Carrollton and being members of Carrollton community very soon.   Also, a very special thank you to Mr. Michael Post for setting up this new communication campaign.  The integration between WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Remind101, and others is seamless because of his vision.  Thank you for setting everything up, it is already proving to be an extremely valuable resource.  


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