Happy MLK Day!

Week at a Glance

  • Monday: Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! No School
  • Tuesday: Wind: Ensemble 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • Silver Winter Guard • 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Wednesday: Concert Band 3:45 – 6:00pm
  • Thursday: Final Exams 2nd and 4th Block
    • All Winter Guard • 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Friday: Final Exams 1st and 3rd Block
    • End of 1st Semester
  • Saturday: Gold Winter Guard Choreography Camp • 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Happy MLK Day

Although we did not have the privilege to perform for our community today in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. I hope that our students spent some time today reflecting on the importance of this day. Our community’s strength, compassion, wisdom, and love is created through a wonderfully diverse population who choose to learn together united rather than divided. The diversity of our school is a blessing for all who participate. A place to meet students and teachers who do and do not look like one another, but love one another the same. We are all Trojans, working towards common goals and want the best for one another. It is a very special place and we are thankful for leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. whose bravery helped this place become a reality. COVID may have prevented us from celebrating with a parade today, but we look forward to returning next year.

Audition Results

Although we are still working out the logistics of some schedule changes that may be necessary from the audition results and a few videos that we cannot still access because our students are still learning the difference between “private” and “unlisted” we know that our students have waited very patiently for their results. Instead of posting them by class, we have decided to post them by order per section. This is only the results from the videos that we have received as of now. Mr. Nelson is still completing the percussion videos as theirs were more involved. They will be added ASAP. Also, we only labeled scores of students who have broken the 200 point threshold. Earning 200 points is an amazing achievement and we want to begin recognizing these students with the creation of the 200 club in hopes that this will motivate others to pursue this goal. If students would like to know their scores they can visit Mr. Carr or Mr. Nelson to see their individual results. Because the scale portion is only limited by time, the quickest way to 200 points is learning more octaves and more scales.

These are the factors still being worked out before class placement can be fully determined:

Class changes mid-year are tricky because as important as the chair placements are to us students, having the appropriate classes to graduate on time is way more important. If the schedule can be adjusted without impeding our students’ academic progress we will investigate the change.

Additionally, the balance of instrumentation amongst our ensembles is important. Having a balanced number of students on each part is important for the success of all students in the ensemble. When schedule changes do not permit the continued balance of the ensembles, then we seat all affected students accordingly within the class that fits their schedule. We hope by posting the results this way however, it allows our students to know specifically how well they did to help them continue to improve for the future.

Click here for the audition results

If for some reason your name is not listed, it means that we did not receive your videos. If this is an error, please let us know immediately and we will correct it ASAP.

CHS Trojan Band 200 CLUB

The following students scored over 200 points on their audition and have earned a spot in the 200 club! This is an outstanding achievement that we will recognize after each audition in the future. Please congratulate the following students for their achievement! ****There may be some percussion names added soon – we will give them a special shout-out if we have any of them break the 200 point thresh-hold.****

Charlie Robinson – 248; Maggie Rowland – 218; Austin Schumann – 210; Andrew Stagliano – 209; Caroline Fjeran – 204; and Josh Hansen – 202!

Congratulations!!! Job well done!!

Trip Refunds – Reminder

Still haven’t picked up your refund check? Please make sure to pick it up this week. All refund checks were made available the week before the break, but if you have not been able to pick up your check yet, please visit Ms. Dothard in the band room so that we can return your money to you. We are not freely passing them out to the students because we understand some parents would prefer to pick up the refunds themselves, but if you would like your child to pick it up for you, they can sign for it with Ms. Dothard, please communicate that to them for us.

Senior Spotlight – Need your help

We would like to continue our Senior Spotlights tradition that was started last year. Seniors or senior parents, click here to fill out this form to allow customization of your senior spotlight. Filling out the form allows us to celebrate our senor’s future plans and share photos of them from throughout their school careers.

After School Rehearsals

In preparation for Large Group Performance Evaluations and allow us to bring in guest clinicians for our ensembles, who help our students and teachers grow, we will be holding regular after school rehearsals for our concert band classes this semester. These rehearsals are on the calendar – Symphonic Band will meet on Mondays, Wind Ensemble on Tuesdays, and Concert Band on Wednesdays from 3:45pm – 6:00pm each week as noted on the calendar. These are required rehearsals.

Upcoming Dates

Below is a list of some upcoming events, please refer to our calendar on chstrojanband.com for a more complete overview of our upcoming rehearsals and events.

1.25 – Start of the 2nd Semester

2.13 – Gold and Silver Winter Guard Performances at River Ridge HS

2.15 – 17 – Winter Break – No School

3.2 – BAND CONCERT! Pre-LGPE Concert: We are still working on logistics for how an audience may work, but we have already made arrangements to live stream the event from the MAC so that our students will have the opportunity to perform a concert for their parents. More information will come out as it is available.

3.6 – Gold and Silver Winter Guard Performances at East Coweta HS

3.13 – Gold and Silver Winter Guard Performances at Etowah HS

3.16 – 3.17 – Band Concert! LGPE: Specific performance times and dates are yet to be released, but we will perform on one of these dates at the Carroll County Performing Arts Center. I do not have information on audience attendance yet, but will share that information as soon as I know something. It is my understanding that these concerts will be live-streamed as well. More information will be released as we learn it.

3.27 – Gold and Silver Winter Guard Performance at Championships at Buford HS

4.5 – 9 – Spring Break – No School

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