Itinerary for Saturday

Good evening!

Apologies for the late post, but I wanted to get this info to you ASAP. Also, there is a rumor that Saturday’s rehearsal was added last minute? I assure you this was added to the band calendar back in April. I understand that the calendar has been in flux, so I really appreciate the parents who sent e-mails asking about the rehearsal rather than assuming that the rehearsal had been cancelled. Right now, every rehearsal is critical. Typically we would have class time and 9 hours of rehearsal time each week to prepare the show for performance. One of the worst feelings that our students could endure would to be feel unprepared for a public performance and feel embarrassed or shamed because they did not perform to their expectations. We have made design and logistical decisions in the show to allow our students to achieve at an acceptable level and be successful with the allotted rehearsal time, but every meeting on the schedule is important. We will continue to be flexible with students who miss due to concerns around the current health crisis, but we need your help to be prudent with work schedules for things that have been on the calendar for months. I support our students working, but it is important that they are responsible enough and respectful enough of their peers to work out their schedules ahead of time. This is not directed at any one individual student – I believe they always try their best and because of the uncertainty week to week it caught many of us off guard. But the message is important and I appreciate your extra efforts going forward to prevent conflicts.

Here is the itinerary for Saturday’s practice and the candle light ceremony protocol. In addition to the procedures I will teach the band students where on the field to stand to ensure that we can set up the socially distanced formation efficiently. Also, we encourage all participants to wear their masks during the entire candle light ceremony. Although we ask that we pass the light at arms length, if it is windy we may need to momentarily move closer which is why it is important that we wear our masks. Fortunately, the research demonstrates that more air circulation and ventilation lowers the risk of transmission – but it doesn’t limit it completely. Thank you for doing your part to help us keep everyone safe.

Saturday: 1:00pm – 9:00pm  

  • 1:00pm – 3:00pm  Sectionals in the SAC (Same as Tuesday’s groupings)
  • 3:00pm – 4:30pm  Full Band in SAC learn Pre-Game 
    • Front Ensemble continue sectionals
  • 4:30pm – 5:30pm  Dinner provided by the boosters
  • 5:30pm – 8:00pm  Full Band Drill Rehearsal on the field 
  • 8:00pm – 8:30pm Candle Light Ceremony on the Band Field
  • 8:30pm – 9:00pm Pack up equipment and dismissal

Candle Light Ceremony – All band students and senior parents.  

After rehearsal, leave your instrument in the stadium.  You will come back to it when we are finished with the candle light ceremony.  

Please wear your mask while walking to the ceremony.  On your way to the band field, pickup a candle from a table outside of the band room, should be along the path to the band field.  When you get to the band field, please follow the map below for where to go and continue to side 2 until you have filled in all available spaces. We can enter from the bridge or the greenbelt to limit grouping up.  We want everyone to stand at a “4 step distance,” which means you either stand on a yard line or directly between 2 yard lines.  We refer to this in marching band as “on or splitting.”  Blue squares on the map below briefly illustrate what we mean by on or splitting.  Students will learn this formation on Saturday morning to facilitate this process.

Staff will facilitate everyone spreading out and then return to the tower to receive the candle light first.  Once social distancing is properly achieved the ceremony will begin.  The light will be passed from Mr. Carr to the staff, then to the senior parents, on to the seniors, to the juniors, to the sophomores, and finally to the freshmen.  Mr. Carr will give a brief speech and we will stagger dismissal.  It is important that we all have our masks on during dismissal.  Students will need to report back to the stadium to gather instruments before heading home.  The ceremony is voluntary and we appreciate your cooperation in helping us to mitigate the risks that may be associated with such an event.  

After the ceremony, it is important that we disperse efficiently while maintaining social distancing. Seniors may take a photo with their family, but no extra photos please. We need to pack up our equipment quickly, and head home. Thank you for following these guidelines to allow us to experience this important ceremony with one another!

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