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Didn’t hear about next week from Mr. Carr?

If you didn’t receive the information please make sure that your contact information is current in Charms. You can access it by visiting http://www.charmsoffice.com, using CHSTrojanBand as our school code, and entering your student ID as your password (if you haven’t already created a new password). Some students were assigned random student IDs because we did not have access to your ID at the time. If you are having trouble accessing your Charms account. Please e-mail Mr. Carr at christopher.carr@carrolltoncityschools.net and he will work with you to get it fixed.

The communication was also sent out via Remind.

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Yes, we will still have the BBQ next Friday, but we will not be meeting for rehearsals all week. We plan on reconvening rehearsals on August 4, schedules down below. Additionally drill is ready and Mr. Carr plans to meet with students via a Google Meet session so that he can teach the students about how to read a coordinate card and drill chart. Their drill will be uploaded to the Google Classrooms that they signed up to for auditions. This will help students learn their coordinates before returning to rehearsal on August 4 and help to expedite our drill learning process.

Lunch, Monday, July 27th – Drive-Thru Service!

Would you like your Subway order? We will still be providing lunch on Monday, July 27th from 11:30am – 12:00pm via drive-up/drive-thru service if you ordered lunch from Subway. Please do what you can to stop by and grab your lunch! Anything not picked up will be donated to a local service organization.

BBQ – July 31!

We are still hosting a drive-up, drive through service for our BBQ on Friday. Supporters who have already purchased a ticket may use a physical ticket for their meal, or if they purchased online they can use their name to pick up their meal. Additionally, we will be selling BBQ plates the day of the BBQ. Although the BBQ turn in was last week, please continue to spread the word about our event as we will continue selling meals the day of as well. If you haven’t turned in your orders, you can turn it in on Monday while visiting to pick up your lunch as our boosters will be available at lunch tomorrow to hand out meals that have been ordered.

BBQ orders will be delivered curbside to patrons who will remain in their cars. Please continue to share on social media and talk up our Trojan Band!

Uniform or shoes sizing

If you have not been sized for shoes or measured (re-measured for vets) for uniforms please send an email to christopher.carr@carrolltoncityschools.net so that Mr. Carr can make a list. We need to fit you ASAP. We will send out information on when this may happen later this week.

Spirit Days

Since we were not able to complete our Spirit Days and they are an important part of our tradition for our band students, we have decided to have them continue during the August rehearsals. Mr. Carr will meet with our student leadership to schedule out these days.

August Rehearsals – Split Arrival and Departure Times

In an effort to alleviate congestion at arrival and dismissal times for our August rehearsals and allow for more social distancing through smaller sectional rehearsals we will meet as follows:


  • 5 – 8pm: Percussion (Battery and Front Ensemble)
  • 6 – 9pm: Colorguard

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

  • 5 – 8pm: Percussion/Flute/Clarinet/Trumpet/Mellophone (Soprano/Altos)
  • 6 – 9pm: Colorguard/Saxophone Family/Trombone/Baritone/Sousaphone (Tenor/Bass)

All donations are appreciated!

We have had many parents and businesses reach out to provide donations. Special thank you to Metro Communications and Jerry’s Country Kitchen for donation large quantities of hand sanitizer and to Southwire for donating the use of 4 tents during band camp. We continue to be blessed by our community. If you have the opportunity to thank them for their support, we’d appreciate your help in letting them know we appreciate them!

  • Bottled water or $10 donation so we can buy more
    • Since we are not able to use the water coolers, we will use more bottled water than a typical year. All donations are appreciated.
  • Hand Sanitizer
    • We have had a good response, but we will be using quite a bit of sanitizer over the next few weeks. All donations are appreciated.
  • Sanitizing wipes
    • This is an area that we do not have as much of, any sanitizing wipes to help keep the storage rooms clean, etc. will help.

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