Trojan Pool Party! Today! Who’s in?!

Need a way to get away from this shelter in place? Why not join us for a pool party!

Yeah, but it is totally necessary for us to flatten the curve and continue helping our health care providers beat the pandemic.

If it weren’t April Fool’s Day, and it weren’t highly advisable that we continue social distancing, we might actually have a pool party. APRIL FOOLS! I look forward to being able to plan another one of these for our students to culminate Band Camp.

We hope that you enjoy your day of laughter and mischief while creating memories with your families today. Happy April 1!

Week 3 Update • Almost Spring Break

With school set to resume on April 27, I hope that everyone is looking forward to a week off from digital learning next week and has made some plans to spend quality time as a family while social distancing. Traveling might not be the wisest decision at this point, although I have heard of families social distancing while camping, hiking, running virtual 5Ks, and enjoying other activities while outdoors. Whatever your plans are, I pray for safety and health as we all continue to battle this pandemic. If you have a chance to give a shout out to our health care professionals, please do! They are true heroes, helping our community’s most vulnerable and ill during these times. Without them, this uncertain situation would be much scarier and we are blessed by a close knit community that values health care!

Band Auditions

Communication via Google Classroom continues daily. Mr. Carr has set up individual appointment times for students to sign-up for audition help. Please encourage your child to participate so that they feel as prepared as possible before recording their video submission for Thursday. The times are listed in the Google Classroom, Mr. Nelson may be offering some as well.

If students need advice on consolidating their videos into 1 video(scales, chromatic scale, and etude can all be recorded as many times as desired, but must each be submitted as “1 take,) I learned of WeVideo from Mr. Brewer and it seems to be a very easy to use application for this purpose. There is an android and iphone app available in the app store and an online cloud based service available at

More information regarding auditions can be found at

Booster Meeting

Our booster meeting which is scheduled for April 14 at 7:00PM, will still take place but will be a virtual meeting. You can access the meeting by joining this link: Questions during the meeting can be sent via e-mail to,, or via Facebook Messenger to our Facebook page CHSTrojanBand.

Band Banquet – April 27 • 7:00PM

We will host the Band Banquet on April 27 at 7:00PM in the MAC. Please note the change in time and venue. They have an after school rehearsal for the musical before the banquet, so we have changed the start time to 7:00PM and it has been moved to the MAC. The banquet will be an awards ceremony only, so that we can spend time honoring our students and their achievements this year. If you purchased dinner via RevTrack a refund has already been processed. If you paid in cash, our treasurer, Eric Pittman, is working on the logistics of the refund. Please be patient, yet assured that a refund will happen.

We look forward to celebrating all of our students’ accomplishments throughout the year and providing another memorable evening for with Seniors. Our kids’ school year has been turned upside-down it is a priority to share this special time with their band friends and their families.

Band BBQ – May 7 – Important Change

We are still planning on hosting the BBQ on the 7th. The only change for that day is Honor’s Night has been rescheduled to May 7th also. We will schedule those who need to attend Honor’s Night earlier in the day to allow those families to be ready for the ceremony. Also, our band performance has been changed from 6:00PM to 4:00PM. Because we may have limited time to prepare for the performance, it may be a shorter performance than is traditional, but we want to send our seniors out properly. We will still have a performance of some of our Senior’s favorite stands tunes and close with our final performance of Battle Hymn in their honor.

Band BBQ – Important info regarding sales

One of our largest fundraisers, the Band BBQ, is quickly approaching. Usually, we would have passed out packets with tickets to pre-sale this week in preparation of the event. Because we are unable to pass out them out in person, we have created a pre-sale form that will allow us to still collect pre-sales while we are not in school. Please do not pre-sell door to door at this time, and please continue to practice proper social distancing, but if you are able to contact friends and family about the event, you can collect the money from them when it is appropriate to do so and turn in the form by April 23, 2020 along with money that you have collected to allow us to better prepare for the BBQ. Orders collected through this method will be added to a “Will Call” list, that will be available the day of the BBQ. Customers will be able to check in the day of the event and receive the BBQ without needing a ticket.

• 2020 Band BBQ Pre Sale Form •

If you prefer our traditional method of selling BBQ tickets, we plan on passing out packets on Monday, April 13 after spring break when our students return to school. Any that are not picked up will be available at our booster meeting on April 14.

This event is a tradition in the Carrollton area and one that many in the community look forward to each year. Please help guarantee its success by selling your allotment of 30 tickets to your family, friends, and coworkers. In addition to the regular meal ticket, we have a two-sandwich meal ticket for the heartier appetite. You are will be provided a smaller booklet containing 5 of these tickets. Though we would love you to sell all 35 tickets, you are only being asked to sell a combination of each ticket totaling 30 tickets.  If you need more, call the Band office and more will be made available to you, or you can just use the Pre Sale Form! Remember!  If you are selling to a local business or group of 10 or more, the boosters will provide delivery!  It’s a great selling point! Please obtain contact information to provide to the boosters and list it with any promised delivery groups at turn in.

Liberty Tour 2021 Trip

Since we are out of school we will be accepting trip deposits until May 1, the first Friday after we return to school. We understand that it is hard to imagine taking a trip with current situations, but by the time we take the trip, we will have overcome this new obstacle and will be in need of celebration! This is going to be a wonderful experience for all of our students, please sign up as soon as possible. We still have the ONLINE PAYMENT OPTION, although there is a service charge associated with online payment. Currently, this is the only method of accepting payments due to the “stay-at-home” order implemented by the Carroll County Board of Health and the City of Carrollton, but we will happily accept payments in person once we return to school.

So as a reminder – a $50 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is due by May 1, 2020 to secure your spot on the trip.

More info about the trip including the Make Me A Whole Person Fundraiser can be found on our trip page.

HS Prom Moved to May 9th

The HS prom was rescheduled to May 9, which is the same date that we were planning on hosting the band prom. We do not want our students having to choose between prom and band prom, so we have decided to cancel the band prom this year. We hope that our students enjoy themselves at the Prom and cannot wait to see their pictures!

Shop at Amazon? You Can Help the Boosters

Do you shop on Amazon often? Did you know that you can help the Band Boosters when you shop on Amazon? Go to and then select Carrollton Band Booster Club, Inc. for the charitable organization you want to support.

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