No Contest Today Due to Weather

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Competition – Weather Update

Good morning!

Haralson County has decided not to host their contest today due to the weather.  I know this was our last scheduled competition of the year and is not the best of news, but the decision was made with the safety of our children involved and I appreciate them communicating early enough this morning that we could inform you before reporting to the school.  They offered a reschedule date of November 2, but I am concerned that at this point many of our families have other commitments.  A decision of our participation on November 2 has not yet been decided, please e-mail me now if your child cannot participate on November 2.

Seniors, I would like to meet with you all in the band room on Monday morning at 7:45AM to discuss this with you in more detail before making a final decision of our participation on November 2.  I know that this is your last competition and I want to be sure that we honor you by listening to your concerns.  If we decide to compete, we will adjust our rehearsal and performance calendar through the end of our competitive season so that we continue to be prepared to have the best performance of our season.

I hope that everyone has a safe weekend.  Keep dry and keep warm.  Love you guys!

Mr. Carr

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