Are you looking for an instrument upgrade?

Good morning!

I just received this information from one of our instrument representatives.  Music and Arts is holding a special instrument sale on Saturday and I wanted to share the information with you.  This will be a rare opportunity to visit a location with many different professional instrument brands and representatives from their manufacturers to try out step-up instruments.  I have been approached by many students and parents inquiring about upgrading to a better instrument, so I thought it would be wise to share this information with everyone.

Instruments are very similar to cars in that brand names, make and model make a difference in performance.  Although there are brands and instruments that you could purchase at Target, Walmart, and Amazon for an extremely economical price the workmanship of these instruments make it more difficult for the students to play in tune, keep the instrument well maintained, and keep up pace with those with more professional instruments.  Think about it as a NASCAR race, which instrument would you want to be driving?

This would be a perfect weekend to get out and see the difference for yourself.  There is not a commitment necessary to attend the event.  Feel free to visit the horn sale just to “kick the tires.”  It will give you a chance to ask questions.

Here is the message from our Music and Arts representative:
“This Saturday, November 1st, is our first ever Atlanta area Horns of Plenty.  This will be our biggest Upgrade Your Sound sale event of the year.  We’ve gathered together the largest inventory of brass and woodwind instruments and all of it will be on display ready to try out. Representatives from a number of the instrument manufacturers will be on hand to help to find the perfect new intermediate or professional level instrument. It will be held from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Bridgeway Christian Academy, 4755 Kimball Bridge Road in Alpharetta.”

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