Notes About Preparing for This Week’s Staff Meals

Thank you again for everyone’s great support in signing up to help provide the potluck-style meals for the band staff during this week of band camp. In preparation for each meal, there are a couple of additional steps that you can do to ensure that this hospitality project goes smoothly:

  • Make sure to bring your items to the upstairs area of the band room at least 30 minutes prior to the meal. (access to the upstairs area is located to the right as you enter the main band room practice area.)
  • Since the band room does not have a traditional food preparation area or supplies;
    • Make sure that if you are bringing food items that need to be served hot/warm, that you bring them pre-warmed.
    • Make sure to bring/provide serving utensils if your dish/items requires such.
  • Note: We have all of the other items like; plates, napkins, eating utensils, cups, ice, etc.

This is a new project for us all and we are learning as we go… so thank you for your support and patience! It is providing great benefit by relieving costs associated with eating out or having meals brought in, allowing the staff to stay on campus, thus avoiding potential schedule delays, and by giving them an opportunity to enjoy home cooked/prepared meals while they are investing their time and energy on behalf of our students.

There are still a few items needed to complete this week’s meals if you can help. To see what is left and sign up, please visit:

Thank you all again for showing your support and true Trojan Spirit as we all invest our time, talents and attention into this wonderful band program!

Joe & Allison Driver
CHS Band Booster Presidents



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