Drumline Performance at Southwire’s 10th Annual Back to School!

Good morning!

I apologize for how delayed this announcement is, it was just yesterday that I confirmed that this was a possibility. We were contacted by representatives at Southwire a few weeks ago about the opportunity for us to perform at their Back to School. The event is tomorrow, so it was difficult to bring the band together, but we did have percussion practices already scheduled and our fantastic percussion students have accepted the charge to represent our band at the event!

The logistics for the event was announced to the students yesterday during rehearsal and I wanted to post information here in the event there were any questions.

It will only be our battery line that will be performing. They will perform cadence and a few of exercises to get the crowd hyped before the event begins tomorrow.

This is the information directly from the Southwire invitation who is in charge of logistics for the event:

“Carrollton’s drum line will be there between 8 and 8:15 AM and Central will arrive by 8:15 AM. Carrollton’s drum line will be ready to kick things off at 8:30 and get the crowd excited. They will play from 8:30 – 8:40a near the entry of the event for all of our families waiting to come inside.

At 8:40 AM Central will be ready to play some “stands tunes” until 9:00 AM. At 9:00 AM we will make the big welcome announcement and announce the winner of our Name the Owl Contest, thereby kicking off the event and opening the lines for supplies.

Both bands will stay through the welcome announcement in support of our kick off and then the Carrollton drum line will play the bands out as they exit towards the front of the lot. There is only 1 entry and exit for this event, so this will allow the band members to move out before the line of families coming through the event becomes hectic and congested.”

We will meet at the band room to load at 7:30AM and depart by 7:50AM to arrive in plenty of time to unload, grab our drums, and warm-up a minute before we begin our performance. A few students mentioned that they have trucks and were willing to help us haul equipment in the back of their trucks. As you can see it will be a short performance, but it is for a good cause. I really appreciate our students’ willingness to give back to our community who gives so much for them. Let’s have a great time together tomorrow morning, make some memories together, and have the opportunity to change lives 🙂

We will wear our current band shirts – black with the new logo – and khaki shorts. Everyone should have gotten a new shirt yesterday in appreciation of your willingness to attend this event on such short notice.

All friends and family are invited to attend the event to cheer our students on.

See you in the morning!

Mr. Carr

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