Band Camp Volunteers Needed: Looking for “Somebody Else”

SomeoneElseI’m sure you have all heard the old story about how everyone expects/depends on “Somebody Else” far too much when an opportunity arises to chip in and help out. To be honest we are all too quick to say “Let Someone Else do it.” Well here is an opportunity for all of us to be that “Somebody Else” and help out in a truly unique way by showing the home and visiting staff of our upcoming band camp how much we really support them.

The Band Boosters, which includes all parents & guardians of students in the CHS Trojan Band, will be providing potluck-style meals, lunch & dinner, for the band staff during the 2nd week of our band camp, July 28th – August 1st. This hospitality project will provide great benefit by relieving costs associated with eating out or having meals brought in, allowing the staff to stay on campus, thus avoiding potential schedule delays, and by giving them an opportunity to enjoy home cooked/prepared meals while they are investing their time and energy on behalf of our students.

We have created a simple signup form @ that allows you to selects day(s), meal(s) and item(s). If everyone will step up and claim a couple of items, we can knock this project out of the park and show the staff how much we appreciate them. So, will you take this opportunity to be the “Somebody Else” that everyone else is depending on?

So don’t wait for “Someone Else”, sign up now to bring something!
*Please note, you do not have to have a account to participate, but you will have to provide your name, email and phone number so that we can confirm your commitment. Also, please note, lunch on Monday, July 28th and Dinner on August 1st, are already taken care of.

If you are a past Band Booster or CHS Band Alumnus and would like show your continued support by signing up to help, that would be awesome and greatly appreciated!

Joe & Allison Driver
CHS Band Booster Presidents


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