Trojan Band Member Representing Excellence Abroad

DKuntz_CropWe are proud to report that one of our own, Daniel Kuntz, is representing the Trojan Band as a member of the Sounds of America Wind Ensemble that is currently embarking on a grand tour of Europe. After a grueling three full days of practice and a pair of excellent bon voyage concerts earlier this week, the ensemble will arrive in Germany on Friday (7/11/14) where they will begin their tour in Rothenburg. From there they will travel to Salzburg, Venice, Verona, Stress, Grindelwald, La Chauux De Fonds in Switzerland, then Paris, and finally Luxembourg.

For more information about the Sounds of America Wind Ensemble or to watch a live feed of the Rothenburg concert Friday morning at 11:00 am (EST), visit and select the “fun links” link on the left and finally click on the Rothenburg link.

Please join us in congratulating and celebrating this talented young man as he represents the CHS Trojan Band’s tradition of excellence in his travels. Way to go Daniel!

A short video is provided here for a sample of the music to be performed by this talented group.


– mpost

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