Important Reminders for This Week

There are several items on our calendar for this week that we wanted to make sure everyone remembered or was made aware of.

  1. Coke Pick-Up Night is today (6/23/14) from 4pm-6pm! – For those who participated in the Coca-Cola Fundraiser, your orders have arrived at the band room for pick-up. Please come around to the side of the band room to the bay door. Also please remember that it is the seller’s responsibility to pick-up your entire order to distribute to your buyers. Individual buyers should not be sent to pick-up their orders at the band room.
  2. 2nd Installment of Marching Band Fees are now due – If you are paying for you band fees in installment payments, the 2nd payment is due this week. Remember band fees can be made in person to Mrs. Dothard, see our calendar to make sure the band room is open, or online via the High School’s main website, see this previous post for full details.
  3. First Full Band Rehearsal with Mr. Carr! – The first full band rehearsal with Mr. Carr will take place Tuesday, June 24th, 2014 from 3:00pm – 6:00pm at the CHS Band Room. Please make sure to be prepared and on time!

Remember if you ever need to check on current or upcoming events to visit our calendar page and website for all thing CHS Trojan Band.

We are looking forward to an exciting week as things are taking shape and preparations for a great season continue.

If you have any questions about any of these items, please email us at:

Joe & Allison Driver
CHS Band Booster Presidents

– mpost

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