Last Week of the First Semester

This is the last week of our first semester. Students will have final exams on Thursday (3rd and 4th block) and Friday (1st and 2nd block) of this week. In addition to closing out the semester, 1st block will be performing a series of Disney concerts for our elementary school and our Varsity Winterguard has a very important camp on Saturday. Next Monday in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. we will perform in the parade. More details can be found below.

Week at a Glance:

  • Monday: Concerts for CES during 1st Block
  • Tuesday: Concerts for CES during 1st Block
    • Winter Guard • JV 4:00pm – 6:30pm (CHS Cafeteria)
    • Varsity 5:30pm – 8:30pm (Band Room)
  • Wednesday: Concerts for CES during 1st Block
  • Thursday: Concerts for CES during 1st Block
    • EXAMS 3rd and 4th block
    • Winter Guard • JV 4:15pm – 6:30pm (CHS Cafeteria)
    • Varsity 5:30pm – 8:30pm (Band Room)
  • Friday: Concerts for CES during 1st Block
    • EXAMS 1st and 2nd block
    • Early Release at 12:30PM
  • Saturday: Varsity Winterguard Camp • 12:30PM – 8:00PM

Seven Trojan Band Students Audition for All-State Band

Results are supposed to be shared with band directors across the state on Monday, January 9, 2023. But we should take a moment to recognize and congratulate the following students for making it the 2nd Round of GMEA All-State Auditions! Please help me congratulate the following students:

  • Max Duncan, bassoon
  • Marie Fujita-Block, bassoon
  • Jeffrey Garcia, clarinet
  • Connor Haley, bassoon
  • Kylie Maxwell, bass clarinet
  • Madison Pate, tenor saxophone
  • Nathan Stagliano, alto saxophone

It took these students many hours of diligent practice and hard work to make it this far! Thank you for representing our school with your talents and character! We are proud of you!

Wind Ensemble Performs for CES this week

Photo by Rick Han on

Since the 2nd semester does not begin until next Tuesday, we decided to prepare a concert series for our little Trojans. Thank you to Dr. Kylie Carroll for your assistance in sharing the concerts with your teachers! The concerts will feature music from Disney favorites such as: Aladdin, Moana, Tangled, Star Wars, The Incredibles, and Frozen. The students received music only last Tuesday and have done an excellent job preparing for the concerts. Wind Ensemble students, remember it is ok to wear your Disney ears or Disney themed outfits each morning for our concerts. We want this to be a fun experience for everyone involved! We are really looking forward to presenting this concert series because our elementary students are some of the BEST audience members.

MLK Day Parade • Monday, January 16

We will wear our full band uniforms. Right now the temperature is predicted to be in the 50s. So although it will be a little, it shouldn’t be too cold. The band room will open at 8:30AM for students to load instruments and be in uniform by 9:30AM. We will depart for staging at 9:45AM and the parade starts at 11:00AM. We will be back at the band room around 12:00PM to unload and dismiss.

Chocolate Bar Fundraiser • UntilJanuary 27, 2023

Although we did allow students to receive a box and begin selling yesterday, we insisted for students to make sure that their parents knew about it. This is a fundraiser that we spoke about in class numerous times before the break and many students had already spoken with their parents. Although the fundraiser officially ends on January 27, 2023 and students must turn in $60/box for any box that they still haven’t sold, students can continue selling their chocolate until they are sold out so that families do not have to ultimately pay for it out of their pocket. We have to make our payment however to World’s Finest Chocolate, which is why we need to collect money for any outstanding boxes by January 27.

Incentives for students not traveling to NY:

  • $25 applied to any outstanding band/guard fees.
  • If all band fees are already paid and a student is not traveling to NY:
    • Students who sell 1 box will get a free band shirt
    • Students who sell 3 or more boxes will get a free band hoodie
  • All students are eligible to win the top seller of each block prize – a 5 pound chocolate bar!
  • All students are eligible to win the $100 gift card if we sell at least 380 boxes.

8th Graders in Winterguard or 8th Graders who are traveling with us to NY next year:

  • You can participate in the fundraiser too!
  • Please send an email using this link: Mr. Carr and Ms. Menendez or just include us both in the email
  • You can pick up your chocolate by visiting Ms. Menendez or by visiting the high school band room
  • Please bring collected money to the high school band room. We are here until 4:00pm each day, so you could bring it over right after school or your parents can visit during the school day as well. Ms. Dothard is available to assist between 8:00AM and 4:00PM.
  • You will earn $25 for your winterguard fees or your NY trip by participating in this fundraiser.

Please help advertise! The 5K is quickly approaching.

Our 5K is on March 18, 2023. We are looking for sponsors and runners! Remember, you will receive 10% of each sponsorship that you secure towards band/guard fees or your trip account. You aren’t a runner but. you want to support our band? There is a T-Shirt only option.

The fun run is a 1 mile option for kids 12 & Under. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place male and female will receive an award for the fun run.

The 5K is open to all participants. The cost is $25.00 per participants and students can sign-up for $15.00 each.

Fun Run (12 & Under): 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Male & Female
Overall Male & Female
First Masters Male & Female (40+)
1st, 2nd, 3rd place in the following categories:
10 & Under • 11-14 • 15-19 • 20-24 • 25-29
30-34 • 35-39 • 40-44 • 45-49 • 50-54 • 55-59
60-64 • 65-69 • 70-74 • 75-79 • 80&UP

Visit to sign-up or for more information.

Thank you so SoleRoots Racing for your assistance in organizing, setting up, and timing the events. Thanks to their assistance, we are proud that this race serves as an official Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race Qualifying Event.

It is not too late to sign-up for the trip!

Visit the link at the top of the page or click here for more information. We are still accepting sign-ups. The first deposit was due by November 25, 2022 to join the trip, but it isn’t too late! Please sign-up this week.

Snacks still needed for Winterguard

During the fall we were blessed by donations for our marching band! During the winter season we will be traveling with our Winterguard and feeding them during long rehearsals. You can use Amazon to continue sending snacks if that is easier for you or you can volunteer to send in needed items via Sign-Up genius.

Mark Your Calendars

The following events we need all hands on deck and are requesting your involvement.

Upcoming Dates

This is not an exhaustive list. Refer to our calendar online for the most up to date information regarding events and times.

  • January
    • 12 – 13 • Final Exams
    • 14 • Varsity Winterguard Camp
    • 16 • MLK Parade • No School • Parade Itinerary Above
    • 17 • Start of 2nd Semester • Wind Ensemble: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 18 • Concert Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 21 • Winterguard at Kennesaw Mountain HS
    • 23 • Symphonic Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 24 • Wind Ensemble: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 25 • Concert Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 26-28 • GMEA All-State Jazz Band
    • 28 • CHS Saxophone Quartet Lobby Performance at GMEA
    • 30 • Symphonic Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 31 • Wind Ensemble: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
  • February
    • 1 • Concert Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 4 • Sadie Hawkins Dance
    • 6 • Symphonic Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 7 • Wind Ensemble: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 8 • Concert Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 9 – 11 • District Honor Band • Ringgold, GA
    • 11 • Winterguard at River Ridge HS
    • 13 • Symphonic Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 14 • Wind Ensemble: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 15 • Concert Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 20 – 25 • Winter Break • No School
    • 24 • Winterguard Camp (Varsity and JV)
    • 25 • Winterguard at Villa Rica HS
    • 27 • Symphonic Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 28 • Wind Ensemble: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
  • March
    • 1 • Concert Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 2-4 • GMEA All-State Band
    • 4 • Varsity Winterguard Camp
    • 6 • Symphonic Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 7 • Wind Ensemble: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 8 • Concert Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 11 • Winterguard at Harrison HS
    • 13 • Symphonic Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 14 • Wind Ensemble: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 15 • Concert Band: 3:45pm – 6:00pm
    • 16 • LGPE • WE, SB, CB • Times are still TBD
    • 17 • Teacher Word Day • No School
    • 18 • Trojan Band 5K • Required for all members
  • April
    • 1 – 2 •  Winterguard SAPA Championships • Chattanooga, TN
    • 3-7 • SPRING BREAK • No School

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