CB LGPE Delayed

Good evening!

Concert Band’s performance tomorrow (March 18) has been delayed due to weather. Here is the new itinerary:

  • Report to school by 10:20 (delayed start tomorrow)- attend 2nd block wearing normal school clothes – be sure to have concert attire with you!
  • 1:30PM report to the band room and change into concert attire
  • 2:00PM Load Buses (most instruments will go on the bus) Large instruments will load into the van at the end of 2nd block.
  • 2:05PM Depart for CCSPAC
  • 2:15PM Sit in the audience for CJHS 7th Grade Concert (rescheduled from this afternoon)
  • 3:00PM Unload equipment
  • 3:20PM Warm-Up
  • 4:20PM Performance
  • 4:50PM Arrive back at CHS

The concert is FREE and open to the public. Tickets are NOT required. Please come see your child’s performance. We do ask however that you pick up your child from CHS, it is only a short ride and it will allow us to get ALL students back as quickly as possible.

For our Concert Band performance please sit in the “Yellow” rows, as social distancing is happening by each groups audience sitting in the appropriate colored rows and our color for this concert is YELLOW. Thank you for wearing your masks and doing your best to mitigate COVID-19.

Thank you so much for your flexibility and understanding as the itinerary changed to ensure all students’ safety. Stay safe tonight! We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow after the storm passes. GO TROJANS!

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