Final week of the regular season

Ready to cheer on our TROJANS! Let’s GO! • Next Up, PLAYOFFS!

Week at a Glance

  • Thursday: Full Band in the Stadium 3:30pm – 4:30pm
  • Friday: All in One Pick-Up at Tabernacle (8AM – 6PM)
    • Home vs. Douglas County (Sign up link to volunteer) • Order your concessions here
      • 6:30PM Report in Full Uniform to Band Set-Up
      • 7:10PM Pre-Game
      • 7:30PM Kick-Off
  • Saturday: All in One Pick-Up at Tabernacle (8AM – 12PM)
  • Next week – No School • Home game is projected • Required for full band if you are in town

All in One • Volunteers Needed

If you have not been contacted, we were informed that our meat supplier will not have the Cajun Turkeys in time for the all-in-one pickup. If you or your student sold Turkeys, we have sent home the summary sheets and are asking you or your student to contact the customers. As of right now, we are scheduled to have the Cajun Turkeys the week of December 11th and will announce the pickup day as soon as we have it locked in. Customers have the choice of a refund or to wait for the turkey.

Please remind anyone who purchased All in One from you that the pick dates are on November 20 and November 21. Any fruit not picked up by 12:00pm on November 21 will be donated to local food pantries. Volunteer sign up is below. We need as many hands on deck as we can get. It is a great way to get to know other band parents who are working hard to support all of our Trojan Band students. We would love to have your help!

Sign up link to volunteer

Trip Update and Trip Fundraiser Opportunity

As previously posted, we have decided as a booster club not to travel to Philadelphia and DC this year in light of all current events. The trip instead has evolved into a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida (Admission to both parks and Volcano Bay). The cost of the trip is $800 (for Quad occupancy) and we have opened spots back up for the trip. If you previously paid a deposit for the Philly/DC trip and not requested a refund, your deposit has been transferred to the new trip and is now non-refundable. All payments are due in full by mid-February. The suggested payments are $200 a month (Nov 30, Dec 18, Jan 22, Feb 22).

This is the last week to sign-up for the trip. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due by November 13. Please turn it in ASAP however because due to bus capacities, there are limited spots. If we have enough interest we may open more spots up by adding another bus, but we would need to be able to fill that extra bus or the cost of the trip could increase. Payments will be handled through our booster club at the Square Site. After paying the deposit to secure a spot, the following payment schedule should be followed: $200 by Nov 30; $400 by Dec 18; $600 by Jan 22; $800 by Feb 22.

SuperFan has generously extended the order deadline for Christmas delivery until November 30th and they are giving each student who sells 15 or more items by November 30th a FREE 16 oz. Tervis tumbler.


Each order that comes through your link will earn you 40% of the total order cost (not including shipping/handling) toward your trip cost. Share it, sit back and watch the money come in. This will be an ongoing fundraiser but if someone wants their order before Christmas, they need to order by November 30th.

Spirit Night – Nov 17 • American Pie

Spirit night at American Pie will be November 17! Come over, have some great food, get your CHS Band Merch, and support the Band. Every time we have a spirit night it helps raise money for just eating dinner so thank you for your amazing support! We would also love a few parents to volunteer to hand out tickets so we can get the maximum amount of funds! Also, we will be doing another raffle for some great Band Merchandise!

Sign up link to volunteer

Home vs. Douglas County • Volunteers Needed

Band students: Order your concessions here! Please note that the band boosters will be collecting money after practice on Thursday and the sign up will shut down on Thursday night.

We will perform our competition show as well as the Armed Forces Salute to celebrate our Veterans at the home game on Friday. In addition to our typical volunteers we will need volunteers to grab the flag after the show to allow our students to perform the Armed Forces Salute and Battle Hymn. These volunteers will hold the flag during the remainder of the show and help us to fold it up when we are finished performing.

Band Auditions

  1. Record 3 videos for submission
    • Scales (open ended points): record yourself performing as many major/minor scales and arpeggios as possible within 2 minutes. 1 point is awarded for each octave of a scale performed correctly ascending, descending, and for each octave of the arpeggio. A 1 octave scale with an arpeggio can earn 3 points if performed correctly. The video must be submitted as 1 take without any edits.
    • Etude (50 Points): perform the GMEA Lyrical Etude that is appropriate for your instrument and grade level. The etudes were distributed in class but for your convenience can be accessed using the following links: 9 – 10 grade wind etudes • 11 – 12 grade wind etudes All Percussion
    • Sight-Reading (30 points): Winds perform the following short excerpt by clicking the link and accessing the page for your instrument, percussion will be uploaded soon.
  2. Upload each video YouTube as “Unlisted”
  3. Submit this form on or before December 3, 2020

Students will submit virtual audition videos by Thursday, December 3 to serve as their audition for this semester. This decision was to help mitigate COVID risk, but also as a way to help our students prepare for other auditions that have also been moved to a virtual setting (e.g., many college auditions and the GMEA DHB auditions).

If you have a child who participates in the marching band, it is very important that you subscribe to our Remind. Although we will send communications regarding class via Infinite Campus (IC) messenger, we use Remind for our extra curricular communications. The interface for the IC messenger does not allow us to send messages unless we use a computer and we often need access to send a communication (i.e., updated ETA’s) using our phones. We use Remind for all “just in time” communication to our marching band parents and students.

How to Join Remind

We would also appreciate you following the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Borrowed Shoes?

If your child borrowed shoes from the extra shoe pile in the uniform room, please ask them to return them. We keep extra shoes so that students who may have forgotten their pair at home or had trouble finding a pair for that week’s performance can be in full uniform, but the shoes have not been returned and our inventory is running thin. Thank you for your help with returning the shoes.

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