Senior Night vs. Dalton

Week at a Glance

  • Monday • Full Band 3:45pm – 6:15pm
  • Tuesday • Full Band 3:45pm – 6:15pm
  • Thursday • Full Band 6:00pm – 9:00pm
    • Didn’t know about last week? Please follow the information about being in the loop below.
  • Friday • Home vs. Dalton • Senior Night!
    • 5:30PM Band Room open to get into uniform
      • Band students will wear their black shorts and show shirts under their uniform and will need their black socks and marching shoes. We will not wear gloves, gauntlets, or shakos for this game.
      • Color guard students – Ramon will speak with you about your uniform at tomorrow’s practice.
    • 6:15PM Report to Band Set-up in the End Zone for Warm-Up
    • We will not play pre-game at the ChAMP this year so that parents can get seats without worrying about the first come first served. We will re-create this experience for our parents during our parent preview nights we have coming up.

Trojan Band Historical Slide Show

A very special thank you to Mrs. Rita Gentry for creating this wonderful keepsake to celebrate all Trojan Band Members throughout our storied history. We hope that everyone enjoys this wonderful presentation of the Trojan Band. If you have pictures that you would like to contribute or if you notice something that may need correcting, please e-mail Mrs. Gentry. History is a labor of love for her and we are blessed that she was willing to take on this project for all of us. You can contact her via the previous link or send an e-mail to This slide show will live on the Alumni Page of the band website and we are working on purchasing a chrome bit for a TV in the lobby of the band building so that it can appear there as well. We continue to be blessed by a tradition of generosity, especially with the Sponsoring Alumni drive this year. Thank you to all who continue to support our school system and the Trojan Band!

All In One Fundraiser

Photo by on

Students were given information last Friday for the All in One Sale. Thank you so much for your assistance with the fundraiser! If you’d like to spread the word digitally people can order All-In One items via our booster web store as well. (

The more fruit and meat that we sell this fall, the more we are able to provide for our band. To accomplish our goals, we are asking that each band family sell 30 units of fruit and/or meat. Anything over the 30 units is greatly appreciated! If you would prefer not to sell, a donation of $150 or more would be greatly appreciated and help our booster club to continue providing for our students. Remember, if a customer does not want to purchase fruit or meat, please ask for a donation because any amount will help us reach our goal. Thank you so much for your support of our band students!

Senior Night on Friday

Seniors, please click here for the handout from Ms. Hibbard concerning Senior Night. The information has additionally been pasted below for your convenience. Seniors, your report time for pictures is 5:20pm, please visit the band room at 5:00pm first to receive your senior cord from Mr. Carr. Go ahead and bring your instrument out to the band set-up, so that when you are finished with the senior night ceremony, you can join us for the Star Spangled Banner and pre-game.


(Band, Cheer, Cross Country, Football, JROTC, Softball, Sports Medicine, Video Broadcast, Volleyball)

NEW DATE: First Home Game (Oct. 2)

The Basics

  • All seniors participating in fall sports/activities will be recognized before the first home football game on Friday, October 2. Each senior will be escorted by his/her parents/guardians, however, due to volume of participants, siblings, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. may not participate in the ceremony. If neither of a senior’s parents/guardians are available to participate, you may request an alternate escort.
  • Whether you plan to participate or not, please submit the Senior Night Form ASAP. This will confirm your participation and collect important information to be included in the ceremony script.
  • Click the link to submit your info, or type the URL into your web browser:

Schedule of Events

From 5:00-6:15pm Ms. Hibbard and Mrs. Hook will be set up in the cafeteria to check you in and confirm the script for your pregame announcement. You MUST check in even if you do not plan to take formal photographs. Please see below for more specific times:


Football and cheer seniors and their escorts report to the cafeteria for pictures.Upon checking in and taking photos, these seniors are released back to the field and will meet us on the track for pregame. Escorts will remain in the cafeteria.

5:20pmBand seniors and escorts report to the cafeteria for pictures.
5:40pmAll other seniors and escorts report to the cafeteria for pictures.
6:15pmPhotography and check-in/script confirmation concludes.

At this time the finalized script will be sent to the press box and no further changes can be made.All seniors and escorts (excluding football, cheer, and band seniors) must be in the cafeteria for lineup.

6:45pm All seniors and escorts move to the track. Football, cheer, and band seniors meet us there.
6:55pmSenior Night Pregame Ceremony! We will begin between 6:55-7:00pm depending on final count.

Other Information

  • Attire is dressy casual. Black and gold and Trojan spirit wear are encouraged.
  • Formal photographs are available for purchase after the event. Proofs and pricing will be available online at
  • During the ceremony, all seniors and their escorts will be recognized and then line the track from end zone to end zone. Please do not pause on the track to take pictures; instead, advise friends and family to take photos when you are in your final track position.
  • Seniors and escorts will be permitted into the stands as a group upon the conclusion of the ceremony. Do not leave any belongings in the cafeteria as we cannot guarantee your entrance into the game.
  • As a school system policy, face coverings are required inside the building. We will utilize the cafeteria and courtyard space as necessary to ensure social distancing as much as possible.

Upcoming Dates To Look For

  • October 3 was supposed to be a band competition at Central, but they have rescheduled to November 7. This was changed on the calendar about a month ago and an email sent out announcing the change. Please make sure you make this change in your calendar.
  • October 8 – Because we have lost some opportunities to perform lately we will do a parent preview performance of our show and perform some stands tunes for our parents. We will begin the performance at 8:30 PM and welcome you to socially distance in the stadium while previewing our show. We will do this every Thursday on a smaller scale, but on October 8th we will also play some stands tunes to close out practice.
  • October 10 – Mr. Carr made the decision to cancel the Legacy of Champions for a multitude of reasons. The main two reasons being that we had zero bands signed up as of 3 weeks ago, and when calling bands who have previously participated they were either not allowed to travel or not preparing a fieldshow for performances this year and opted for only a pep band format due to COVID guidelines in their school district. Because LoC is a fundraiser in addition to a service to our band community, a minimum number of participants are needed to make it worth the effort.
  • Week of October 12 – This was our originally scheduled Fall Break. We now have school on Thursday and Friday of this week, but Mr. Carr has decided to not have after school practices this week. The game that week is away, so no band function either. We will reconvene with our normal schedule on the 19th with excitement!
  • October 22 – Another parent preview evening where we will do a full run of the show for our parents beginning at 8:30PM. We may actually perform the show 2 times? This is the night before the Homecoming game versus Paulding County and the final rehearsal before our first “competition.” Mr. Carr has reached out to Strong Rock Christian who hosts a competition for A and AA bands and asked if we could perform as the exhibition band that evening. Details are pending, but this would be an exciting opportunity for our students to show off the hard work they have done since July for a very appreciative audience.
  • October 30 – Right now this is an “open” date on our calendar, but our football team is actively looking for an opponent to play. If the game is home, the band will participate. Please stay tuned for more details and do your best to not make plans for October 30.
  • November 7 – Super Bowl of Sound at Central HS. Please plan a full day for the band competition at Central – more details will be released as we get closer.


We have an amazing opportunity for all parents who want to get involved with the band program this year! Sponsorships are one of the main revenue sources for our program. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to call and/or visit local businesses to help secure sponsorships for this year. We will provide you with a sample “script”, all the information and support that you need, along with a list of who to contact. If you are interested, please call Jennifer Carden, 678-283-7471 or email at

A lot of the information covered has been posted here on the website. We also talked of the trip. We have decided not to travel to DC and Philadelphia. The new estimated cost of the trip is about $800 and will be to Universal Studios in Orlando. Details are still pending, but includes a water park and both Universal parks. A meeting about the trip and payment schedule will be announced soon.

Spirit Wear & Show Shirts

Kelly Hansen will be at the band room on Thursday from 5 – 7pm if you have already ordered spirit wear and need to pick it up. This is also a great time to place a pre-order for show shirts and check out other band spirit wear available in our Trojan Band Shoppe. Online pre-order option available here for show shirts..

Donations? Items Needed

  • Bottled water or $10 donation so we can buy more
    • Since we are not able to use the water coolers, we will use more bottled water than a typical year. All donations are appreciated.
  • Hand Sanitizer
    • We have had a good response, but we will be using quite a bit of sanitizer over the next few weeks. All donations are appreciated.
  • Sanitizing wipes
    • This is an area that we do not have as much of, any sanitizing wipes to help keep the storage rooms clean, etc. will help.

Are you in the loop?

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Band Health Class

More information about the class can be found here.

Parents, if your child has not completed the Health Class, please ask them why not. All work is past due at this point. Yes, they can still turn it in, but time is running out.

Students, many of you have received your grades and have been worried because all of the work is past due and you are worried that you have failed. You are welcome to retake any work that you did not pass until you have a passing grade. At this point however, all passing grades are final. If you have not finished the class, you need to complete all assignments by the end of September. That will give us the month of October to retake any assignments that you need to pass the class. Thank you for finishing up your work.

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