CHS vs. Rome – Let’s bring the NOISE!

8th Grade Night

We are still cheering from the excitement from Friday night’s game.  Students, what a tremendous job during half-time and selfless act of kindness to give up your seats for our fans after half-time.  You guys looked and sounded amazing from the track!  We really enjoyed watching you perform as our Trojans earned a victory versus Villa Rica.

We hope that you will join us as we include our 8th grade band students to cheer on our Trojans against Rome on Friday night.  This is an exciting game every year and we look forward to helping our team fight again this year! More about the evening’s festivities are mentioned below as well as other important information.  Thank you for reading!

General Band Booster Meeting -September 17

We have a general band booster meeting on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 from 6:30PM – 8PM, in the Band Room. We will discuss the upcoming All-In-One sale, one of the two major fundraisers we have as the booster club as well as the upcoming Legacy of Champions.  Please plan to attend.

Week at a Glance

  • Monday – Full Band 3:45-6:15
  • Tuesday – Full Band 3:45 – 6:15
  • General Booster Meeting 6:30 – 8
  • Wednesday – QAP 3:30-5:00
  • Thursday – Full Band 6:00 – 9:00
  • Friday – Home game vs Rome
    • Itinerary
      • 4:15PM Rehearsal on band field
      • 5:15PM Dinner (Pizza – Papa Johns)
      • 6:15PM In Uniform
      • 6:35PM Depart for CHAMP
      • 6:45PM Perform at CHAMP
      • 7:15PM Perform for Pre-game
      • 7:30PM Kick Off
      • Approx. 9:00PM Halftime
      • Approx. 10:30PM Game Ends
  • Saturday – Full Band 1:00 – 9:00
    • Dinner: 5PM

8th Grade Night

This Friday night’s home game will be our annual 8th Grade Night where the 8th grade members of the CJHS band will join our band in on the field with pre-game as well as in the stands during the game. This home game we will feed all the band students before the game so we will need the normal volunteers for the home game, but we will also need volunteers to help feed the students before the game. Please click here to sign up to volunteer.

Saturday Band Practice – September 21

This Saturday is the full band to help us finish the show before the County Exhibition. Thankfully we will have access to the indoor facility on Saturday. The facility is absolutely amazing and has been a blessing to allow us to get out of the sun on many occasions already this season. Students will practice from 1PM – 9PM and we will need volunteers to help feed our students dinner that day.

Please click here to sign up to help serve dinner.

County Exhibition

The exhibition is next Tuesday at Central-Carroll HS. Below is the schedule for exhibition. Tickets are $8.00 each and parking close to the stadium is $5.00.

  • 6:00 PM Mass Band Rehearsal on Central Practice Field w/ Courtney Zhorela
  • 6:30 PM Recognition of Principals, Booster Presidents and Board of Education Members / National Anthem
  • 6:45 PM Mt. Zion H. S.*
  • 7:05 PM Bowdon H.S.* (warm up begins at 6:55 or earlier)
  • 7:25 PM Temple H. S.* (warm up begins at 7:15 or earlier)
  • 7:50 PM Villa Rica H. S.* (warm up begins at 7:35 or earlier)
  • 8:20 PM Carrollton H. S.* (warm up begins at 8:00 or earlier)
  • 8:50 PM Central-Carroll H.S.* (warm up begins at 8:30 or earlier)
  • 9:15 PM Univ. of West Georgia* (warm up begins at 9:00 or earlier)

Pre-Order your Exhibition T-Shirt Now

Adult sizes only – each shirt costs $18.00. You can pre-order tomorrow or Tuesday morning. We must submit our pre-order by the end of 2nd block on Tuesday. Please see Ms. Dothard with your t-shirt size and exact change to pre-order.

Spirit Wear

Are you ready to show off your Trojan Band Pride this season? If not, look at the Band Shoppe by clicking this link and get some Trojan Band Spirit Wear. There are hats, polo shirts, t-shirts, etc. all with your choice of 4 different logo options to be embroidered on the item you choose. You can simply place your order on the site and you will be contacted once your item has arrived.

Show Shirt

If you want to purchase a show shirt for this year’s show “Wanted: Dead or Alive”, you can do so by clicking on this link. The cost of the shirt is $15.


If you have been waiting to get involved, looking for that opportunity to sign up, seeking out a way to make a difference… THE TIME IS NOW!

With our Legacy of Champions Marching Band Competition approaching quickly… WE NEED YOU more than ever! Yes, YOU… our Trojan Nation students, alumni, family, friends, staff, faculty, and community supporters. So please look at all the opportunities below and see how you can make a difference.

As we continue to prepare for the Legacy of Champions that takes place on October 12, 2019, we desperately need you to get involved! We also need your help with ATVs, golf carts, trailers, and fulfilling volunteer duties the day of the event. Please see below for details about each need.

ATVs, UTVs, & Trailers

These motorized vehicles & trailers will be used for hauling the equipment for the various bands that will be performing at the competition. We can use either four wheelers, utvs, etc. These vehicles will need to have a trailer hitch for pulling a trailer. We are in need of 10-12 or more of these vehicles.

We also need trailers to place the equipment on. These will need to have a ramp that can be lowered. The size we can use would be 6′ wide by 12′ or less long, due to restrictions of gate sizes at the stadium. We are in need of 10-12 or more of these as well.

If you have any of these items and can lend them for the day, please visit our volunteer page: NEED LINK TO CHARMS VOLUNTEER PAGE

Volunteer Opportunities

Did you know that volunteering at the Legacy of Champions is actually expected of all of our boosters/parents? This event is such a huge undertaking and is becoming one of our top fundraisers. All band students are required to work the entire day and parents/band boosters are expected to work at least one volunteer shifts during the event, but highly encouraged to commit to working the whole day.

The success of our event takes the support and efforts of ALL of our parents/boosters. So please take a moment and visit our volunteer page: Click Here and review all of the various sign-ups available for the event. There is a large variety of volunteer positions available. There is something for everyone! The most important part is to just be involved, so please take time to sign-up today! THE TIME IS NOW!

As always, if you have any questions, please make sure to contact the Band Boosters at:

2019 Competition Schedule

Please take a minute to re-read this post from June 19, 2019.

I would like to alert your attention to our competition schedule. The newly added fall break and the location of our open Friday night has made planning our competition schedule more challenging than normal. All of this information is on the calendar as well. Please take a look at our competition dates:

Our first competition is on October 5 at Creekview HS. Yes, this is the Saturday before our Fall Break. This is a required event for all participants in our Trojan Marching Band. Please plan ahead. I do not know the itinerary for the day yet, but please plan on a full day. We will rehearse some that morning before we depart for the competition. *This is an SAT date. You should still be able to test that morning here at CHS if this is the best date that works for you. Other dates for the SAT during the first semester are August 24, November 2, and December 7.

The LoC, the competition here at Carrollton HS, is on October 12. Yes, this is the Saturday after our Fall Break. This is also a required event for all participants in our Trojan Marching Band, and we also need all parents to volunteer to work this day. Please note that this is a date that we schedule for the same date annually so that our competition becomes a regular competition for bands to visit each year. This was a date that was set before we knew the school calendar. Assuming we will have a similar school calendar for the following school year, we will reconsider the date if necessary after this year’s competition. We will be hosting many bands on our campus this day and we need everyone’s participation to host it right. We do have a football game (all football games are required events) on Friday October 11 as well. If you notice on the calendar, we will not rehearse the week of Fall Break until Friday before the game in an effort to allow families to make the most of that week.

Our final competition is on October 19 at Haralson County HS. Again, please plan on the full day. Our performance time will determine the daily itinerary and we will not know that until closer to the contest (usually about 1.5 weeks out).

The week following our final competition we do not have a football game (October 25 – the ACT is on October 26th, if that helps). Since our weekends of the Fall Break included football games on each side, it made more sense to schedule our competitions this way in an effort to allow families to take advantage of our Friday night off and have a full weekend off. Notice that the week’s schedule is very different from the rest of the calendar. We will meet with our concert band classes to prepare for the upcoming concert and not rehearse on Thursday evening. Again, trying to do what we can to be mindful of family time.

Thank you for looking ahead at your calendar and planning around these competition dates, because it is critical that we have 100% attendance to allow our students to perform their best.


Students participating in the health class should be completed with the eADAP course from the GA Department of Drivers Services. Please double check with your child to verify that they have completed that course and submitted a certificate to me either in person or a PDF via email. This is the most important aspect of the class as it qualifies our students to apply for their drivers license. Once they have finished the eADAP course online, then they complete the 9 Unit exams via Google Classroom and they are done. Due dates are listed in Classroom to allow students to complete the class before their semester becomes too hectic. I will be lenient with the due dates so long as all coursework is completed and turned in by the Thanksgiving Break. Thank you for your assistance in keeping your child on track.


The Charms Calendar is syncing again. Syncing your calendar with the band calendar is a great way to stay informed of the schedule. You can access more information through the links above (If you hover over Calendar, Sync Calendar becomes an option), or just click here.

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