Parent Orientation Tomorrow

Band Parent Orientation

I just wanted to send out a reminder that we are hosting a Band Parent Orientation Night for first-time band parents on August 8, 2019 from 7-8PM in the Band Room. It is a great way to meet other band parents and to learn how to be more involved and what to expect this upcoming marching band season. We hope that you make plans to attend.

DCI Finals Watch Party

I am so sorry for the tardy announcement of this event. It is an optional event, but a great opportunity for students to watch the best of the best in the marching arts. Drum Corps International (DCI) has World Championship Finals on Saturday evening in Indianapolis, IN. If you are not sure what DCI is, check it out on YouTube.  It really is the major leagues of marching band.

We have access to watch a live stream in the band room on Saturday evening from 6:00pm – 11:00pm. We are asking students not to arrive until 6:00pm and to bring $5 for pizza. Students are welcome to bring other snacks/drinks if they’d like. I mentioned to the kids that it would be a good idea to bring something to share if they want, but it is not required. The $5 will provide plenty of pizza and we have water available as well. Parents are free! We could use some extra eyes to help chaperone that evening- sign up to help here.  If the chaperone spots are full and you’d like to attend, we would be happy to have your help too!  All students participating should be sitting in the band room watching the drum corps on the big projector screen.  Students are welcome to bring bean bags or camping chairs if that helps them be more comfortable during the broadcast.

This is a fun evening to allow the students to experience some exciting and highly competitive marching band.

Thursday Night – White Out

This has been announced to the students, but just in case I wanted to send a reminder that we have “White Outs” for Thursday night practice.  This allows us to see the drill even clearer while practicing in the stadium.  We ask the students to wear a white shirt and black shorts to practice on Thursday’s.  A shirt like our parade shirt is just fine as long as it is mostly white.  And dark shorts are ok as well, it does not have to be their black band shorts.  Thank you for reminding your child about this tradition on Thursday nights.


I hope that you have a wonderful evening!  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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