Charms Calendar Not Syncing

Good morning!

Just a quick follow up concerning the remind that sent out last night.  The syncing function for our Charms Calendar has stopped working.  Charms said that they are aware of the problem and their developers are working on it.  Until they get the functionality restored, please access the calendar via the charms website directly – CHARMS CALENDAR.

Here is a screen shot of this week’s schedule:

Monday                  Tuesday                 Wednesday            Thursday               Friday

Screenshot 2019-06-17 09.53.38

2019 Competition Schedule

Also, I would like to alert your attention to our competition schedule.  The newly added fall break and the location of our open Friday night has made planning our competition schedule more challenging than normal.  All of this information is on the calendar as well.  Please take a look at our competition dates:

Our first competition is on October 5 at Creekview HS.  Yes, this is the Saturday before our Fall Break.  This is a required event for all participants in our Trojan Marching Band.  Please plan ahead.  I do not know the itinerary for the day yet, but please plan on a full day.  We will rehearse some that morning before we depart for the competition.  *This is an SAT date.  You should still be able to test that morning here at CHS if this is the best date that works for you.   Other dates for the SAT during the first semester are August 24, November 2, and December 7.

The LoC, the competition here at Carrollton HS, is on October 12.  Yes, this is the Saturday after our Fall Break.  This is also a required event for all participants in our Trojan Marching Band, and we also need all parents to volunteer to work this day.  Please note that this is a date that we schedule for the same date annually so that our competition becomes a regular competition for bands to visit each year.  This was a date that was set before we knew the school calendar.  Assuming we will have a similar school calendar for the following school year, we will reconsider the date if necessary after this year’s competition.  We will be hosting many bands on our campus this day and we need everyone’s participation to host it right.  We do have a football game (all football games are required events) on Friday October 11 as well.  If you notice on the calendar, we will not rehearse the week of Fall Break until Friday before the game in an effort to allow families to make the most of that week.

Our final competition is on October 19 at Haralson County HS.  Again, please plan on the full day.  Our performance time will determine the daily itinerary and we will not know that until closer to the contest (usually about 1.5 weeks out).

The week following our final competition we do not have a football game (October 25 – the ACT is on October 26th, if that helps).  Since our weekends of the Fall Break included football games on each side, it made more sense to schedule our competitions this way in an effort to allow families to take advantage of our Friday night off and have a full weekend off.  Notice that the week’s schedule is very different from the rest of the calendar.  We will meet with our concert band classes to prepare for the upcoming concert and not rehearse on Thursday evening.   Again, trying to do what we can to be mindful of family time.

Thank you for looking ahead at your calendar and planning around these competition dates, because it is critical that we have 100% attendance to allow our students to perform their best.




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